My Family Values

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Although our values are passed down from our parents as we grow older those values can change. There are many values my parents passed down to me along with my grandfather that I still believe in today. My Grandfather was a big part of my life growing up and he instilled the values of honesty, being successful and family. Two values that I picked up as I grew older are individualism and being open minded. These values make me who I am today.
My Grandfather believed in having a strong family unit and without family life is not complete. Growing up we always had huge family functions, celebrating birthdays, new arrivals and just celebrating life as a family. My grandfather believed that family came before anything or anyone. In order for a family to be strong you need to communicate, always be honest with one another, show love every chance you get, have compassion for one another and those who cross our paths through life and have forgiveness. He was always the first person in our family to step up and help if one of us was in need. He loved us deeply and always showed it. This is one of the values I hold deep to my heart. Family is very
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They grew up in a generation where a marriage was between a man and women, you did not marry outside or your race or have relationships outside your race. I on the other hand have different views from my family. I believe that we are all human and equals. Even though we may have different beliefs, values, come from different cultures or our sexual orientation may be different we all feel the same and want the same things in life. You cannot help who you fall in love with. I have known many people who are gay, lesbians and those that are in an interracial relationship and they are some of the happiest people I have ever meant. They are true to themselves, honest with others and believe in equality. Some of the many qualities I admire in others I surround myself
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