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Personal Statement Draft-3(2) An 11 years old kid lying on the ground in a dark room crying, shaking, and trembling with intense pain in both of his ears. The pain was similar to as if someone was hitting with some sharp object inside his ears and every time he would feel the shock of pain, he would pull both of his ears while enduring the pain. The pain would raise every couple of second and with each shock of pain, the kid would lose part of the hope that he had of surviving. He would experience so intense pain that he had never anticipated and all he could think of that “he is about to die.” This was the experience that I felt when I had a severe ear infection in both of my ears. After consulting with the doctor and taking the medication,…show more content…
This was the great opportunity for me to continue my education in one of the best countries and also was the great opportunity for me to explore life outside of my hometown, meeting new people, and experience different culture, languages, and lifestyles. After coming to the USA, my family went through various tough times. The condition of our life became so worse that we did not have enough money to buy food, clothes, and to pay rent. Because of the scarce of money, I did not even buy my high school graduation gown and was about to not even attend my high school graduation, until my high school decided to give graduation gown for free. Therefore in order to help my family financially, I started working on part time jobs such as sales associate and tutoring while attending full-time college. Although in the beginning I started working on part time jobs just for the sake of money but as time passed, I was able to appreciate the skills I got from working that is social skills, communication skills, presentation skills, team works skills, leadership skills, and the time management skills. These skills were very important for me as far as my personal development was concerned as I learned how to effectively communicate with people and how to teach students of different ages with different strengths and weaknesses. This experience helped me to grow and mature as a person by facing…show more content…
Because of the difference in the way teachers taught student, I had difficulty in catching up with students but as the time passed, I was able to assimilate myself into this new culture and was able to get the highest in Chemistry and Physics Advanced Placement classes. Even in the college, I tried my best to become one of the top students and as a result, I was able to get All Florida Academic Team award. This award was awarded to only thirty students in the Florida out of which two students were from the Valencia College. Among those two students from the Valencia College, I was selected to be one of them. All this encouragement and awards further made it possible for me to pursue this path of becoming the medical

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