Personal Essay: Why I Have A Passion For Helping People

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I’ve always had a passion for helping others and I love the idea of being considered a dependable person. I enjoy when others come to me to talk about the hardship they are experiencing and being able to provide them with feedback or helpful advice. To do this I learned that you need to have the characteristics of a “people person”. You must be patient, which from my job experience of working in retail and the fast food industry, I would consider myself to be a highly patient person. I also posses the the skill of being outgoing and friendly. I allow myself to be comfortable when speaking with different types of people and I let myself open up so I can personally relate to them. By doing this I believe that others will return the comfort that I created and will want …show more content…

For me, it didn’t click that I can turn these characteristics and skills into a career that I would enjoy until I started meeting regularly with my High School Counselor, Mrs. Corbin. I met with Mrs. Corbin once a day for about an hour in order to receive my community service hours that were required for graduation. Much like me, she has a passion for helping others and she carried me through my entire senior year. She would show my how to fill out college applications, help determine which college was the best fit for me, we spoke a lot about what major I should consider, and give me advice or just listen to what was going on in my life. She really inspired me to be on this path that I am today because I want to give others the help, love, and support she gave me. She recognized my desire to help others and “people person” skills and would always say “You’ll miss your calling in life if you don’t become some sort of counsellor”. That phrase always

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