Writing Letter From Your Past Essay example

Writing Letter From Your Past Essay example

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To my Futureself

I am writing this letter from your past. As if now you are 22 years of old, and your whole future is ahead of you. I am writing this letter to remind you about the thoughts which you keep in mind at the age of 22. When I am writing this letter, you are a college student with big plans in mind. The biggest aim which you keep in mind on that time was being an entrepreneur in life. I am sure that you are an entrepreneur on this time period. A successful entrepreneur always be a good leader also .So the subject leadership really enhances the skills of a leader in you. The subject starts with the difference between a manager and a leader. Before that you believe both the manager and leader are same. The subject helps to avoid the misconception between the leader and manager in your mind. After this chapter you understood that to be an entrepreneur you need the skills of both manager and leader, and also to make others to follow .The reason for the success of every leader is their unique ideas and concepts .A good leader is the one who effectively carried the wor...

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