A Leader, By Warren Bennis 'On Becoming A Leader'

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On Becoming A Leader The book On becoming A Leader was written by Warren Bennis who was an American scholar, author and widely known pioneer of leadership studies. This book was published in 1989 by basic books but revised in 2003 by Perseus Publishing in Cambridge, MA. This book states the many traits, qualities and factors of becoming a leader. Bennis showcases the depths and heights of how leaders drive their followers in different situations. This book emphasizes on theories of becoming a leader, it is not a “how to” book by any means. Bennis states how leaders contribute to society and how crucial they are along with the characteristics that come along with being a leader. He provides intriguing insight about leaders and emphasizes the integrity and authenticity such people carry. In this reading Bennis (the author)…show more content…
Bennis claims that people are not born with these traits, and that people gain these traits by pushing themselves to exceed at leading others. He also argues that there’s a distinct difference between a person being a leader and a manger, and that the difference is leaders will lead others to higher success and to achieve goals when managers maintain everything how it is and nothing ever exceeds that point. Bennis believes that in order Potts 2 to lead you must know yourself completely, your strengths and weaknesses and when to ask for help from others. If one cannot achieve this than they will fail at leading because they will not understand how to pick people to fill the roles that the person once did successfully. It is also stated that in order to progress you have to experience things on your own without any help and essentially self-teach. He also argues that you must reflect on good and bad experiences and learn how to grow from the bad and figure out how you accomplished
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