Leadership And Leadership Challenges

People always talk about how important it is for companies to have a good leader, someone who not only keeps the blue numbers, but also achieves a loyalty from customers, pleasant working environment, successful business partnerships and ahead of the competition.
To exercise effective leadership, the individual must meet certain parameters, which if they are carried out successfully all of them will ensure a long life to the organization. The relationship with partners should be based on trust. Do not just give employees a list of tasks, encourage their views so that their skills might be enhanced for advancement. In addition, it makes them more committed to the work and is reflected in the quality of the product and/or service performed (Ussahawanitchakit, 2011).
Today’s leader must learn to manage and use social networks as a communication tool with customers and suppliers, and convey the importance of these new technologies to their partners, and to promote innovation processes within the company, which in times of globalization is essential, due to the large number of companies that are on the market. This requires organizations to always be at the forefront, offering the latest in products and services.

The Leadership Challenges
Leaders are those who have a great influence on the lives of many people. This is especially relevant in today’s organizations, which face extreme time changes and an increasingly growing complexity (Yukl, 1998).
If we think of organizations as complex social systems, we can appreciate the need for people to represent the system itself -even in times of change and diversity- and that may lead to their maximum development. Without any doubt, this is a difficult role to play by today...

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