Essay on World War I And The Modern Day

Essay on World War I And The Modern Day

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In this age, the world revolves around technology, but it hasn’t always been like this. The United States has taken many steps towards becoming what it is today. From radios to smartphones, and trains to cars, the nation depends on technological advances to help its people become more productive and make the lives of many people more easier and faster. The new ways to manufacture goods has improved vastly and has given everyone access to them. The new weapons and defenses have changed warfare from World War I to the modern day. Many technological advances, both in history and currently, have helped make the United States and the rest of the world a more productive, a more safe, and a more connected place to live in.
Technology has and will continue to help the United States become more productive in making and distributing goods. On May 10, 1869, the Transcontinental Railroad was completed and it had a very beneficial effect on the economy. The railroad allowed goods and people to travel from coast to coast in a week, as opposed to six months. Within ten years of completion, over $50 million worth of goods were shipped over the railroad. Products created on one coast of the country could be shipped to the other coast, much faster than it could before. This helped accelerate the expansion of American settlements in the West and spread demand and culture across the country. More demand results in more supply so companies had to speed up the process of making goods (How the Transcontinental Railroad Changed America). The railroad helped create a production boom; this was America’s first technology corridor (The Impact of the Transcontinental Railroad). In 1913, Henry Ford created the Model T, a car that was so inexpensive that almo...

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...of rules, such as no censoring material and no throttling internet traffic (Open Internet). The new technologies that allow the nation to be more connected, also makes it more safe and secure, and more productive.
With many historical and recent evidence, it is shown that technology has and will change the nation and the world’s productivity, its safety, and its connectivity. Through assembly lines, trains, and drones, the world can become more productive in manufacturing and transporting goods. By creating new technologies for warfare and by using the internet as a way of giving and getting help, the world can stop conflicts and provide aid. By the means of the internet and radios, news has spread across the country and connected the nation. Since the beginning of our civilization, technology has been changing the United States and it will keep changing our culture.

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