Technology's Rapid Changing

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Strategic planning implies establishing in advance what an individual or organization wants to achieve within a specified timeframe and deriving ways on how to achieve that. A strategic plan is basically a course of action that is used to attain desired results. It means anticipating the future and having measures on how to grow into the future. Technology is a macroeconomic factor that is rapidly growing and changing. Technology has had positive effects all over across the globe to business organization and to individuals.

Organizations and individuals have to strategically position themselves in order to take advantage of the growing technology and achieve business competitive advantage while at it (DeHaven 2010 pg 1). Technology has enabled globalization; where ideas, products and services have been shared. This has promoted foreign businesses thus helping different economies all across the globe. Different organizations and individuals have realized that technology will keep growing and changing and the best strategy will be to adapt it other than holding to rigid ways of doin...

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