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Technology advancing
Technology has increased at a rapid rate. In the last 20 years technology has changed significantly. Technology has become part of the everyday life, every aspect of lied is beginning to include some sort of technology. The treadmills at the gym have mini T.v screens to play games and watch T.v. Mirrors in bathrooms are beginning to have t.v screens. Fancy gadgets in hotels, restaurants or parks help improve the image and reputation of the areas. The speed in which technology is advancing cannot be stopped because many countries want to use technology to increase their economy.
Technology does slow down job creation however if the technology in a specific country is of the highest level, the economy of the country increases drastically.
As much as technology decreases the job creation statistics. Many people are taking how effective technology is on their future lightly, people are unaware of how quickly technology is advancing. In 15 years there have been many great breaks in technology, hybrid cars and cars that run recycled waste. Technology does create jobs for many people, However the unskilled workers will not benefit. Many of the machines created are very advanced and to get a worker to learn how to operate the machine costs a great deal of many therefore many business prefer to use people with a higher level skill background in order to ensure the money they invest in the worker is worth it.
Since technology is new and quickly advancing, many business prefer to train the younger generations. This is so that they may advance with the technology and find ways of improving it to make it much better. This means that the older generations odds of getting a job decreases even more. The older generations may ...

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... be more skilled when it comes to technology.
Technology in the agriculture sector specifically farming. Technology is taking over the jobs of the middle to lower class in his sector, simple jobs as putting food into the animals bowls/feeding containers is being done by machines now. Machines simply release the food at a certain time and the animals are able to eat. Most of the food of late has been produced by advanced technological devices. The crop picker sand planters no longer have jobs because technology has taken over there jobs. This isn't helping to create job creation in the world we live in.
A phrase that is becoming used often is, "New technology, and the end of jobs." This phrase is partially true. Technology is too blame for the decrease in jobs in many industries. Technology is disadvantaging us more than being a beneficiary however this will change.

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