The Evolution Of Technology And The Evolution Of Technology

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Evolution of Technology
Technology is one of the groundbreaking inventions humans have come up with. Technology nowadays is so broad there are thousands upon thousands of companies out there with their only intention is to make better technology. Back when it first came out they thought it was going to evolve extremely fast and flying cars would be out in 30 years and such. It’s not evolving at an extraordinary rate, but it’s still evolving at an extremely fast rate. Technology has gone from colorless block televisions and giant computer to computers you could fit on your fingertip and televisions that are flat and 3 Dimensional. Now they even are making holograms and televisions that go into an even better quality of graphics. There are thousands
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Humans used to be able to kill mammoths and a lot of stuff we think is just crazy now a days. There’s always the risk of evolution of humans becoming weaker and weaker. Humans are already weaker than we used to be. Technology can be making our eyes worse or our body’s less physique than they are. We cannot predict what will happen from the technology that we are so dependent on now a days. It might be for good or it might be for bad. I generally speaking think that technology can help us evolve. The possibilities you can take technology is endless well until you run out of resources in the next million years or two but yeah. Technology could lead us to possibilities that we thought were just impossible. I mean think about it the endless possibilities the endless minds making endless inventions. Technology wise we are constantly evolving and our understanding of technology is getting better and better. Yet our understanding of other things are getting worse. The more we rely on technology the more our weakness grows. The weakness of being addicted, eyestrain, several others are possible through the technology that we love so much. The more we open up to technology the more the future generation is more likely to have those
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