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Women Of The Professional Nurse Essay

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The image of the professional nurse is viewed in so many different ways in our society. In medieval times, nurses were more critically viewed than they are in current modern society. However, there are a few views that still linger in our society today. In our society now, nurses are mostly sexualized and stereotyped as a feminine and a provocative profession. These stereotypes caused men to not be considered as unsuitable nurses and are criticized greatly when they do choose the path of a professional nurse. Although the number of males enrolled in nursing has increased, there are still very few. Thus, the professional nurse is greatly viewed as female aides, provocative, and not a profession for men.
One way that society views nurses are as female aides. Doctors were always perceived as dominate men that over shadowed women, and women were always at their aid. This subjected women into taking the role of nurses. Females endured the harshness of the medical system and consequently were bound to the position of a nurse. According to Ehrenreich Barbara and Deirdre English, “By the early 1970s feminists were becoming aware of a variety of ways women were abused or treated unjustly by the medical system. As health care professionals, women were largely confined to subordinate roles as nurses and aides.”(p. 8). As Barbara and English said, women were forced to the role of nurses and aides caused by the anti-feministic treatment that women undertook by the medical system. In my opinion, nurses were too harshly incarcerated and mistreated considering that their role was to care and heal others. Not only were nurses depicted as women, they were also displayed as sexual entities.
There is evidence the media is portraying the image of a ...

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...ual objects, but as enticing, smart individuals. Finally, the view on nurses as feminine and not a profession for males never occurred to me. To me, the fact that males were feminized when they entered into the nursing industry truly shocked me. I think that males should be able to choose any profession without being judged.
To summarize, the image of the professional nurse is greatly viewed as female aides, provocative, and not typically a profession for men. Women were constrained to become nurses and thereafter were expressed as a womanly profession. Since women were a majority in nurses, they were introduced as sexual and were advertised as sexy and saucy. The result of these aspects influenced men to be a minority in the nursing profession. Our society has changed over the years, and is slowly yet progressively accepting nurses as more professional than sexual.

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