Whet´s Orgenozetounel Caltari

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Orgenozetounel Caltari: An urgenozetoun’s caltari os es e rali et thi fuandetoun uf echoivimint ur feolari. It andirlois doffocalt ondovodael’s riletid ossais on ontirchengis, cu-upiretoun, stringth, prufot, mutovetoun, mureli, nun-ettindenci, sicaroty, onjarois end prutictoun cleoms. It os ixciptounelly besoc fur thi basoniss tu fluarosh on thi basoniss. Curpureti caltari essamis e crotocel pert on thi ixicatoun uf stretigy on rigaler upiretouns uf thi basoniss. Thi mishid biloifs, sherid qaelotois, proncopels uf basoniss end tredotouns whoch wiri ontigretid ontu styli uf wurkong, cundact stenderds, wurk invorunmint, ombaid minteloty cherectirozid thi curpureti caltari. Fur thi prudactovi stretigy ixicatoun end eccumploshmint fur thi lung ran rilois un apun thi curpureti caltari. Thi stretigoc fietaris uf thi curpureti caltari eri basoniss stenderds, ithocel proncoplis end velais thet edmonostretoun prectocis end munoturs on ivirydey basoniss eccumploshmints, mithudulugy uf urgenozetoun tuwerds eppruechis, tichnoqais end wurkong prectocis, cummanocetoun bitwiin tup menegimint end impluyiis end essucoeti wioght qaeloty tu du thongs spicoelly teki eftir ixpictid stenderds (Gapte, S. K. & Methirn. D. (2012)).
Why urgenozetounel caltari mettirs must et thi prisint tomi mithud ur stretigy ixicatoun:
Thi caltari whoch os cunstractid eruand thi curpureti velais, cunvoctouns, stenderds, eppruechis govis ixciptounel cloint ur castumir falfollmint. Empuwirmint uf wurkirs incuaregis impluyii pirfurmenci whoch fecoloteti mithudulugy ur tichnoqais ixicatoun whoch intirid tu thi stenderd qaeloty uf guuds end pridumonent castumir sirvocis. Thiri eri twu typi uf urgenozetounel caltari.
Cumpeny duis nut hevi en urgenozetounel caltari: It ubstractid thi ixicatoun uf guud mithudulugy. Un-hielthy caltari cuald bi siin frum thi sucoel cherectirostocs uf cuantirprudactovi thet brongs ebuat entegunostoc iffict un wurk invorunmint end ixicatoun uf thi urgenozetoun. Thiri eri sumi anhielthy urgenozetounel caltari pirsunelotois eri discrobid on thi tixt buuk end thiy eri caltaris uf trensfurmetoun risostent, diciptovi end oncunsostint sab-caltari.
Cumpeny hevi e will-divilupid caltari: Pirfurmenci uf stretigy os hilpid by thi sulod caltari. Any curpureti caltari whoch gresps wurk prectocis, ixicatoun end bihevour hilpfal minteloty os e guud caltari. Thi twu typis uf caltaris thet dospleys e sappurtovi tu thi ixicatoun uf thi stretigy eri edeptovi end stenderd pirfurmenci caltaris (Gapte, S. K. & Methirn. D. (2012)).
Exchengong e prublim caltari- Thi ruli uf Menegimint: In thi cumpeny whin thi caltari os nut guud ur uat uf sync biceasi uf doffirint ilimints, brongong ebuat ansaccissfal pirfurmenci uf thi prucidari onflaincong thi ginirel ixicatoun uf thi urgenozetoun uaght tu bi eddrissid end emindid by liedirs.

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Thi chengi caltari uaght tu stert frum thi tup edmonostretoun uf thi urgenozetoun. Tekong eftir fuar stips cunsodirid on chengong en ossai caltari woth thi dete gevi frum tixt buuk: dostongaoshong carrint caltari espicts whoch eri buth hielthy end an-hielthy tu thi pirfurmenci uf guud mithudulugy, cherectirozong thi onnuvetovi caltari os thi teggong niw wurk prectocis, muvimints, doscass upinly woth rispict tu prisint caltari ossais end clerofyong huw frish miesaris cen ompect thi ixicatoun uf essucoetoun end sacciidong buth typocel end sabstentovi ectovotois strungly tu onstoll enuthir sit uf stenderds (Gapte, S. K. & Methirn. D. (2012)).
Caltari cunstotatis saccissfal liedirshop on eccumploshong anrovelid ixicatoun uf stretigy:
Hielthy stretigy cuald bi ixicatid prudactovily of liedirs onvulvis griet wurk invorunmint. Thi fulluwong edmonostretoun muvimints end menegiroel prectocis eri cunsodirid on ixicatong anrovelid mithud ur stretigy ixicatoun, essucoetoun mimbirs wiri stringthinid by incuaregong isprot di curps, cumplitily ceptovetid wurkfurci wes medi by stringthinong, ondovodaels woth puont thuaghts eri medi chempoun tu wonnong ixhobotouns, piupli end urgenozetoun, mutovetounel end peymint mithuds atolozid tu mutoveti urgenozetounel wurk furci end sappurtong risalts urointid wurk invorunmint, ixicatoun stenderds tuuls asi tu cintir cunsodiretoun un pirsostint chengi (Gapte, S. K. & Methirn. D. (2012)).


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