Organizational Culture And Avior: What Is Employee Behavior?

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What is employee behavior?
The study of organizational behavior is one of the most significant elements in the management sciences, as it makes management learn from what has succeeded elsewhere. Generally, financial strength is a measure of the organizations past success. What determines whether the organization will continue to deliver sought-after products, will continue to develop cutting edge technology, will continue to make the right options about which direction the market is going to go, will continue to make sound investments, is the people and the organizational culture and structure.
The term employee behavior, has different meaning depending on the type of audience. From a management perspective employee behavior can be refers
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Major of the study of organizational behavior has aimed on how best to motivate group of individuals. Professionals have figure that it often doesn’t matter exactly what you do, but merely that employees are aware of your efforts to motivate. Based on Culture, when individual communicate with one another over an extended period of time they intentionally to deliver a selective culture that determines how tasks get completed and common attitudes. Organizational theorists tend to practice this culture and how it influences behavior. Strong cultures align with the overall goals of an organization, such as having an emphasis on innovation. On the other hand, weak cultures degrade from business goals, and cause conflicts, such as overemphasizing bureaucratic rule-following. Today, Motivation and Culture are important to practice with Organizational Behavior because major organizations are encouraging team approach to solve difficulties. Today’s post-industrial hi-tech organization requires knowledge intensive work environment and demands creativity from its own employees. Employers gave awareness to Organizational Behavior or soft skill training. The industrial revolution created the wants for hard skills. Employees who work in production line and were not required thinking or communicating to each other. But now, instead of standing behind the production line, employees need to sit in front of a computer, and control machine equipment who works in the production line. Now, employees are not only required to learn new technical skills but also how to communicate, negotiate, decentralize, and motivate within each
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