The Impact Of Culture On Organization

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Impact of Culture in Organization
Culture can be defined as the beliefs, values and the pattern of behavior of an individual within designated areas. The culture of organizations defines shared values and behavioral expectations. Cultural issues are especially basic issues all around the globe. These issues can happen in various routes relying upon the size, area and the custom culture of that institution. Social issues happen even because of the states of mind and how each individual comprehend in diverse business environment. Today, the corporate administrations and rising business firms have chosen to give the essential attention on trainings and classes at the multicultural working environment that will help them to understand and create …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Defines culture as the beliefs, values, and pattern of behavior of an individual within designated areas; organizations define shared values and behavioral expectations. cultural issues can happen in various routes based upon the size, area and custom culture of that institution.
  • Opines that the mission and vision statement should show the organization's core values, clarify motivation and objectives, and define open understanding of culture.
  • Opines that managers should make sure everyone understands and ask for any thoughts on how to structure the plans to achieve the projected goal.
  • Opines that understanding the culture in global organizations is reflected in their advertising procedures.
  • Explains that organizational culture consists of shared beliefs and values established by the organization's leaders and reinforced through various methods, ultimately shaping employee perceptions, behaviors, and understanding.
  • Opines that culture is the essential and very important to all the organizations. working closely with all staff members and understanding their behavioral activities, conducting meetings, listening and respecting them will be helpful in enhancing influential structure, methods and procedures.

Simply speaking, a company’s structure and design can be viewed as its body, and its culture as its soul. Because industries and situations vary significantly, it would be difficult and risky to propose there is a “one size fits all” culture template that meets the needs of all organizations” (Nov 30, 2012). Those organizations who have shared beliefs and values and have organized methods on chain of command going to have positive outcomes. This will help shaping their employees views and performances. The growth and profit of the business relays on their employees and their performances. Culture is the core which will help and encourage all different level workers. If the core itself is weak, it will weaken the atmosphere of the business. Many companies announce that they have great culture but fail to implement to the lower level of workers. The basic issue is when organization has one set of culture and thinks one culture will meet the needs of all the workers. Each business is different and each individual is unique and have different beliefs and behaviors. The culture that is right for one individual might not work the same for the others. The ideal approach in this case would be, looking at the bigger picture of diverse working environment and give importance and respect to what are the ranges of business firms to achieve the perfect culture for organization. Sometimes one size fits all will not going to fit anybody, so the organization have to keep their ideas open and value everyone’s presence respecting all of their culture for the betterment and

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