Importance Of Employee Behavior

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The term employee behavior has different meaning depending on the type of audience. From a management perspective, employee behavior can be referred to the manner in which employee 's react to any specific situations or conditions within the workplace. LePine et al. (2002) argued that the study of employee behavior in management sciences has become one of the most significant elements, were management can learn from what has been proven to succeed elsewhere in the business environment.
Employee behavior is something that has to be examined at different levels of an organization structure, not only that it is a broad field of study which is comprised of a various subject area (Organ & Ryan, 1995). In other to measure any organization 's past
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airline in history to enjoy a twenty consecutive years of profitability. Many business scholars and strategic experts tend to argue that, Southwest “formula” for success boils down to cutting costs with their one type of plane model, cheap fares, and plenty of advertising. These are pretty easy and basic model that can be replicated and apply to another airline, one would think? However, all the airlines that try to adopt the low-cost model have failed. That’s because there is passion, enthusiastic, and high-spirited culture that offers the desire and tenacity with a sense of “Espirit de corps” for employees that’s the real secret to Southwest’s success. It is a clear fact that culture has everything to do with Southwest’s…show more content…
Attitudes and behaviors displayed in the workplace can directly affect the atmosphere and productivity within an organization. As an employer, you want to create an environment that 's professional and safe. This keeps your employees motivated, wherein they 're likely to work hard and successfully complete each assignment. But if your employees begin to develop a negative or bad attitude, this might translate into poor