Essay about What Makes A Leader Ineffective?

Essay about What Makes A Leader Ineffective?

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What makes a leader ineffective versus effective: Research shows that what make a leader ineffective is his/her unwillingness to plan. What makes him or her effective is strategic planning. If a leader is to be effective, they must first go through a preparatory phase of planning. Preparation for strategic planning must precede the process of strategic planning or failure is likely to happen. If you fail to plan, then you have failed in all you do. The key to strategic planning is competent strategic leadership. The process begins with preparation for envisioning the future (Malphurs. 16).
Envisioning the future consists of three elements that prepare ministry for what is to come. It also presents the rationale for strategic planning. It challenges leaders to address such vital issues as their definition of strategic planning and what they believe is its important, the need for it, and its purpose. The second preparation is the preparation of the team and the third element is to focus on the development of the strategic as the team works through the process (Malphurs. 15-17).
In my observation, I believe that using Taxonomies as a planning tool in
Leadership will greatly influence the outcome of any leadership (Orlich, 87). The reason for using this tool is it helps you decide what to teach, how to teach, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching (Marzano, Pickering, & Pollock 2001) (Orlich,
Various elements of the instructional Cycle provide a foundation for teaching a lesson or class. The cycle shows steps in a certain order, but all teachers wrestle with their own particular order of teaching. The teacher considers instructional objective in term of learning activity and then reconsider each acti...

... middle of paper ...

...ropriate instruction and activities (Orlich, et. al. 125)
What does the Early Church have to teach us about pedagogy? The early church recruited leaders, proactively going after them. Jesus prayed for his disciple prior to or at the time of selecting them (Luke 6:12) (Mancini & Malphurs. 101). The evidence in acts suggests that the church prayed for its leaders at least when they deployed them. It is proof that they did not choose just anyone who came alone. They expected leaders to meet certain qualification. We must learn to do the same as the early churches and use the training steps such as; recruitment, Selection, Training, Deployment (Mancini & Malphurs. 101).
Some educational programs do not have clearly defined purposes, but I believe the steps that has been selected in this study is appropriate for every organization whether business, schools or the church.

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