Characteristics Of A Good Leader Essay

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Characteristics of a Good Leader
A good leader can be an example for someone else. A leader need to have good qualification about their self. Knowing their pass experience with people. They know how to commutate with people. Looking at the background and pass experience can help choose a good leader. This person can continue to be a good leader by doing things to help people and show leadership. Good leaders must know their responsibility. The person must have enough knowledge in being a leader to be able to make good decision for the peers. A good leader has been shown to be at communication, good decision making skills, and knowing responsibility.
Communication skill are important as a leader. Being able to commutate effective in writing
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While doing some research on characteristics of a good leader. The article talks about leadership role for educational leaders and their responsibility to being an example for the teachers to help the students be successful in learning. An educational leader is an important role in schools. When parents sent their children to school, they want to be able to know that the kids are in a safe learning environment. The parents also want their children to be provide with the learning material to help them be successful. Educational leaders must know their responsibility to provide the teachers with correct information to create excellent learning environment for the kids. If the learning environment are in good conditions teachers will be able to development a learning strategies to help student. A responsible leader does not only respond to the expectations of authorities but also assumes an active attitude (Mazurkiewicz, G. ,2011, Pg.…show more content…
A good leader need to know how to communicate effective with their peers. Poor communication can lead to negative impact on the leader. Verbal and writing in a professional tone, will help with being a good leader. Leaders must know how and when to make good decision. They must be able to learn and focus on the expectation and requirement of making good decision for they peer. Responsibility is an important role for being a good leader. Leaders must know responsibility. The peer want to know that the leader is responsible enough to taking care your responsibility in leading other people. When things failure the peers look at the leader as if they are not being responsible. Communication, good decision making, and knowing your responsibility will help in being a good
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