Washington, Jefferson Or Jackson? Essay

Washington, Jefferson Or Jackson? Essay

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Washington, Jefferson or Jackson?
I believe that George Washington was the president that had the greatest impact on the United States of America. He really cared for the people of the United States and was also concerned for the outcome of the nation and its government. He was determined to do his best as the first president of the United States because he realized that the way he managed the executive branch would impact how all future presidents would perceive the position. I feel that this definitely had more of an affect on America than anything that President Jefferson or President Jackson ever did. It affected the people, the future presidents, and the government of America.
Compared to Presidents Jefferson and Jackson, I think that the people of the United States loved Washington more and had more respect for him. The people loved him and put their trust in him as president because of his past achievements and who he was as a person. President Washington had many successes in battle and was seen as a national hero. Washington passed along a legacy of national purpose, courage, strength, and integrity.
He was a lieutenant colonel in 1754 in the Virginian military. This led to him fighting some of the first battles of the French and Indian War, in which he was victorious. His involvement in the French and Indian War helped to give him the skills he needed to be an excellent military leader, which would also help him to fight for America’s independence from England. President George Washington also served 16 years in the Virginia House of Burgesses, which was the head of the colonies before the Revolution. Washington and other Virginian burgesses were in opposition to the intense taxes that the British were forcing on the ...

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...e conditions and aspects of the executive branch. He helped to make the role of the president what it is today. This is part of the legacy that he left behind. As I mentioned earlier, Washington had many successes in battle and was seen as a national hero. Washington passed along a legacy of national purpose, courage, strength, and integrity. I believe that these legacies are accurate because of all that Washington did for the people and the federal government.
In conclusion, I believe that Washington was the best of the three presidents (Washington, Jefferson, and Jackson). I feel that the people loved him more than the others and also that he left a greater legacy. I think that Washington made a stronger impact on America than Jefferson and Jackson because he set the stage and created the role for all future presidents, including Presidents Jefferson and Jackson.

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