Vision And Mission Statement For An Organization Essay

Vision And Mission Statement For An Organization Essay

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For an organization to be successful, its vision and mission statement must clearly define and communicate its business strategy in a way that can be easily understood by the employees. Vision is a mental picture of what an organization perceives for its future and mission statement defines the space in which the organization will create the strategy (Bryce, Dyer, Godfrey & Jensen, 2016). In 2010, TTC disclosed a comprehensive corporate plan aiming to revamp all aspects of its organization operations within a 5-year time frame. The Five-Year Corporate Plan 2013-2017 outlines strategic objectives and core strategies with a focus on delivering quality excellence along the value chain and modernizing the transit system to meet the demands of the growing population (“Toronto Transit Commission,” 2010, p. 1). The objective of this paper is to examine the role and significance of vision and mission statement for the employees in achieving the desired strategic objectives. This paper discusses the challenges that TTC has been facing and how vision and mission statement can help the employees to align their performance with the organization’s long-term goals. To detect the emerging trends in the transit industry the paper also briefly compares the vision and mission statements of two other transit organizations- TransLink and YRT/Viva. The insights drawn from the comparative analysis are used to support the recommendations that can help TTC improve its service quality.

Literature Review
As stated by Papulova (2014), vision and mission statements are contributing factors to the strategic management process that involves environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategic implementation and evaluation and control (p. 12...

... middle of paper ...

...” n.d.).

Sources from TTC (2016), South Fraser Blog (2016) and Caroll (2016)

The mission and vision of TransLink and YRT/Viva provide valuable suggestions as to how TTC could improve the transit services. A customer-focused vision with a strategic mission to provide cost-effective and quality transportation solutions that respond to the needs of the growing communities could be incorporated into the TTC’s strategic plan. Despite of the present improvements underway, in order to achieve the objective of making a more sustainable transportation system for the people of Toronto, TTC needs to be knowledgeable about the community needs, to improve accessibility and increase mobility for Toronto residents, expand the availability of transit services and create a favourable discount for off peak periods to reduce enhance reduce crowding and waiting times.

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