Validity And Reliability Of The Literacy Test And The Pennsylvania Standard Early Learning Standards Test

Validity And Reliability Of The Literacy Test And The Pennsylvania Standard Early Learning Standards Test

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Validity and Reliability
Other comparable assessments include the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test and the Illinois Standard Early Learning Standards Test. The Peabody Picture Vocabulary (PPVT) is used to assess the receptive language skills for ages 3 to 90 years old. The Illinois Early Learning Standards assesses skills and academic achievements for various age groups according to normative measures for specific age groups. The purpose is to monitor progress, deficiencies and assist in setting goals for IEP’s (Individualized Education Program). A comparative study of these assessments including PEAK was done in the Highland Community School District in 2014. The “results yielded significant positive correlations among the obtained PEAK assessment scores, the Peabody and the Standards assessments” (Dixon, Carmen, et al, 2014, p.603). The relationship between the PEAK and PPVT scores were as follows: “A mean score of 55.5 was scored across all participants. Scores regarding the relationship of the PEAK Training System was significant (p=0.000) and correlated strongly with the standard PPVT scores (r=0.908)” (Dixon, Carmen, et al, 2014, p. 611). The relationship between PEAK and the Standards Scores was “a mean score of 35.69 for all participants in the Illinois Early Learning Standards. The relationship between PEAK was significant (p=0.000) and was strongly correlated with the Illinois Standards (r=0.916)” (Dixon, Carmen, et al, 2014, p. 611). The Peak assessment was also found to be reliable whether given by a certified behavior analyst or an unskilled caregiver who was familiar with the child. This year an experiment was conducted to:
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...ot feasible to administer all 184 evaluations during counseling sessions. The counselor would act as a trainer and mentor offering support to the administrator, providing them with assistance as needed with materials, scoring and lessons. For school counselors PEAK would be extremely useful in developing more comprehensive IEP’s.
The PEAK assessment program has been well documented to provide an extensive insight to persons with developmental delays and skill deficits. Not only does the assessment distinguish deficiency it provides instructional programs to correspond with inadequacies in development. I am currently applying this assessment and program with a thirteen year old male who falls in the autistic spectrum. It has revealed many ‘holes’ in his understanding of his world and the language abilities both receptive and expressive.

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