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In middle childhood, around the age of 7, children start to develop a self – esteem. The development of self -esteem is important because it determines the way a person views ones-self. The Self- esteem formed in middle childhood changes by the time an individual reaches adulthood. There are many longitudinal studies that have been done on the development of self – esteem. One such article is “Cherish Yourself: Longitudinal Patterns and Conditions of Self- Esteem Change in the Transition to Young Adulthood” the researcher wanted to see the change in self –esteem between secondary school and young adulthood, they also wanted to see if gender played a role in the change of self-esteem, this study is explained in the article. In another study, “Self- Esteem Development From Age 14 to 30 Years: A Longitudinal Study,” the researchers studied self –esteem development between the ages of 14 to 30 with a focus on how demographic variable such as gender and ethnicity, the five personality traits; sense of mastery, risk taking, health and income all played a role in self-esteem.
The article “Cherish Yourself: Longitudinal Patterns and Conditions of Self- Esteem Change in the Transition to Young Adulthood” (here in after referred to as “Cherish Yourself”) was about a study that was conducted to see if individuals self- esteem changes throughout an individual’s lifetime. The researchers where studying three main points in this study. The first point to see if individual’s self-esteem changes when they leave high school and enter adulthood. The researchers predicted that self-esteem would have a nonlinear pattern at first but then it would start to increase in young adulthood. The second point that was studied was to determine if structura...

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...increase or decrease self-esteem correlated with income. The results from the “Self Esteem” study are accurate to results from other studies that self-esteem develops throughout life.
After reviewing both studies it can be concluded that an individual’s self-esteem changes based on their relationship status, ethnicity, personality characteristics and a possible effect on gender. Individuals that have high self-esteem are usually individuals that are outgoing, energetic and easy going. Those individuals have a lot of friends and are sociable. Adolescence self –esteem can be based on how popular they are in school those adolescences that are popular will have a higher self-esteem opposed to the adolescence that are more reserved, and that do not have many friends. Individual’s self- esteem can change during their twenties and sometimes into their thirties and beyond.
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