The Ultimate Goal : Salvation Essay

The Ultimate Goal : Salvation Essay

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The Ultimate Goal: Salvation
Salvation is a common topic in all religions and known as the end goal for many religions too. Religions view salvation highly and associate salvation as a stepping stone to what they believe liberation and freedom are. Especially in Hinduism and Christianity which are two of the most widespread and largest religions in the world. Although Hinduism and Christianity are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to salvation they both met in the middle quite a few times when discussing how to achieve salvation, who has achieved salvation and reincarnation. Throughout this essay, one can see the similarities and differences both religions face when it comes to the path of salvation.
Achieving salvation can be a hefty topic for both religions because it is not clearly written anywhere what is considered worthy of achieving salvation rather it is left to the reader’s mind to interpret the Vedas or the bible to get an understanding of what they feel their creators would have expected from them to obtain salvation. In the Upanishad, it states “As rivers flow into the sea and in so doing lose name and form, so even the wise man, freed from name and form, attains the Supreme Being, the Self-luminous, the Infinite. He who knows Brahman becomes Brahman (Mundaka Upanishad 3,2,8-9).” which one can interpret very denotatively as one way to salvation is in fact becoming knowledgeable about Brahman. Another way of comprehending what this quote is saying is to look at the quote connotatively one can decipher that the quote discusses the fact that once we reach Brahman once we are one with him our whole life will be different like a river flowing into a big sea. Also in Hinduism, another way to attain salvatio...

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... condemnation” ( John 5:25-29). Hinduism on the other hand though full-heartedly believes in reincarnation as one of the ways to help them achieve salvation. Hindu’s believe the only way to escape samsara and to achieve moksha is to do so well in your life that in your next life you may be born a priest who is close to the gods and they may let you leave the wheel of dharma.
Like discussed before in this essay Hinduism and Christianity both share quite a lot when exploring the path to salvation. Just because they are opposite sides of in regards to the religion they actually have a lot more in common than that of the difference distinctly when dealing with how to achieve salvation, who has achieved salvation and reincarnation. Which religion is right when it comes to the path to salvation is one 's decision to decide.

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