The Treatment Of Women During The Middle East Is Barbaric, Unjust And Unthinkable

The Treatment Of Women During The Middle East Is Barbaric, Unjust And Unthinkable

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The treatment of women in fundamentalist religions

In Afghanistan alone1“87 percent of women report having experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage”. The treatment of women in the Middle East is barbaric, unjust and unthinkable. Women are seen as unequal in comparison to men just because they are born a female and are seen not to have the mental capacity of that of a man. As in the Quran it states2“that two women are required to give evidence in the absence of a man; this is to say that the testimony of one woman is equal to 1/2 of a man 's testimony.” However this is a controversial statement as it doesn’t explicitly say whether this was for the women of Muhammad’s time or to that of all women who have and will ever live. Moreover nowhere in the Quran does it permit the man to murder and rape his wife.

Muslims believe that 3Adam and Eve were created from the same soul. That they were both equally guilty of their sin and fall from grace, and Allah forgave them both. As Muhammad said “Assuredly, women are twin halves of men.” This shows that women are the opposite half to men, twin equals and therefore they should not be treated so savagely. As the first person who actually converted to Islam was Khadijah, the wife of Muhammad, whom he both loved and respected and surely he would not treat her so viciously and with such disrespect in the way that these fundamentalists are acting today – twisting the Quran to justify their way of thinking and behaving. In the Islamic faith women must be covered from head to toe. Further to this men are allowed to verbally and physically abuse them. They are also denied the right to an education, to work in a “gender mixing” job. Or even are at risk of being killed...

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...of women and the respect that should be shown to them when he said: “Paradise lies at the feet of you mother. (Sunan An – Nasa 'i)”. The way Muslim women are supposed to be treated as stated in the religion and by Muhammad is the way these women deserve and should be treated. The way the fundamentalists are treating their women needs to stop – as women are vital for our success as a race.

Overall the treatment of women by fundamentalists in the Islamic faith is totally unprecedented and stricter laws should be put in place to prevent these fundamentals from inflicting these acts of torture onto women. What gives them the right to act in this way. How do they think that this is acceptable behaviour? Therefore to conclude women should not stand for this sort of treatment and men should also realise that hey need to treat there women with respect rather than violence.

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