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    Air Pollution in Saudi Arabia + Outline Globally, Saudi Arabia is ranked 5th in air pollution (Taha n.p). The world health organization ranks Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh behind New Delhi, Lahore, Ulan and Ahvaz. Ahvaz, is the worst affected by air pollution. A point to record is that most of these countries are within the Middle East and most of them are involved in oil production. In addition, Mexico City, Beijing and Moscow have also been reported to be among the highly polluted cities across

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    Saudi Arabia Economic statistical indicators convey the fact Saudi Arabia is a developed nation. However, close analysis of political and social statistical indicators would suggest that their standard of living and individual freedoms are severely suppressed. This 'developed' nation has abnormalities in its statistical indicators which are similar to those that characterises third world nations. Saudi Arabia is oil rich and is a strictly Islamic State. Their Muslim religion and its strict

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    Saudi Arabia Geography The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula, is located in the southwestern corner of Asia. It covers an area about one-fourth the size of the United States. More than half of its total area is desert terrain. The capital of Saudi is Riyadh, which is located in the central region of the country. Language Saudi Arabia's official language is Arabic, although English is also spoken in the Kingdom, most commonly in the business community

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    into consideration will be Saudi Arabia. Through the information provided, we will determine whether Saudi Arabia can fit into the future global supply chain and if there are any particular commodities that can be sourced from the country. Country and Regional Characteristics “Saudi Arabia was established in 1932 by King Abd-al-Aziz - known as the Lion of Najd - who took over Hijaz from the Hashemite family and united the country under his family's rule” (Saudi Arabia Profile, 2013). The country

  • Education in Saudi Arabia

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    demands of the country, both locally and globally. As the world’s 8th highest education spender, Saudi Arabia initiates an overhaul on the education system. It is the largest country in the Middle East. The Saudi Arabian education has gone through an astounding transformation. Initially, education was only available to few people who were children of the wealthy families. However, the transformation of the Saudi Education is now offering education to all children regardless of their social status. The

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    Saudi Arabia may be well known for its oil reserves and precarious geographic location, but the Islamic faith defines the country far more than any other quality. While it may appear to be an absolute monarchy, the country runs as near to a theocracy as it can in the modern world. The real Saudi Arabian ruler is Allah. This is evidenced in every aspect of Saudi Arabian life, even down to their tourism industry. While other countries rely on stunning natural views, impressive shopping districts, or

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    OF GOVERNANCE IN SAUDI ARABIA The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by the Al Saud family in 1932 and continues to function as a monarchy under the founding family. The government of Saudi Arabia operates under the rubric of Sharia’h, which is also the foundation for Saudi Arabia’s constitution. The Saudi constitution sets forth the system of governance, the rights of the citizens and the duties of the government to its citizens. CITE. The constitution also memorializes Saudi Arabia’s reliance

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    Located in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s culture is heavily influenced by Islam. The people’s faith guides them and their views; this, in turn, has caused many problems for the people that their religion does not favor. Such as those that aren’t in the religion, and women. Their culture is extremely oppressive, and if someone does not realize how the Saudi culture works, will find themselves, and their lives, threatened. The police are often swift and brutal; and many outspoken people are quickly

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    Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the Islamic Religion and home to the two holiest shrines Mecca and Medina. This country is approximately 1/5 the size of the United States of America and is governed by the monarchy type of government, however in recent years has moved to also electing officials for province representation in order to unify the country. Its legal system is that of Shari law with the King being the highest court of appeal. Legislature has been created and put into effect

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    Saudi Arabia is an average sized country, roughly one-fifth the size of the United States, in the Middle East. The population is roughly twenty-seven million people. It is the birth place of the Islamic religion, which is Saudi Arabia’s main religion. Most of the country is desert and they have a dry hot climate. Saudi Arabia’s main export is oil. According to the article “U.S. Relations with Saudi Arabia.” Saudi Arabia gives the United States over one million barrels of oil every day. Although Saudi