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  • The Middle East

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    Then, whenever you think of life in a certain country, all these stereotypes come to mind. When you think of the Middle East, what comes to mind? Do you know what its really like? Or are all the facts you “know” simply a jumble of misconceptions? One of the most common misconceptions about the Middle East is that everyone from there is a Muslim. Although a large part of the Middle East is made up of Muslim Arabs, there are other groups in the area. People from foreign countries seem to think that

  • Will There Be Peace in the Middle East

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    in the Middle East? This question weighs heavy on the minds of many individuals and international players. Turmoil and conflict in the Middle East not only affects the people inhabiting this region, but also has global consequences. To answer this question, one must analyze the sources of conflict in the Middle East, historically, currently, and in the future. The limited amount of natural resources in this region has arguably served as the most major source of conflict in the Middle East. Other

  • Middle East Conflict

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    area known as the Middle East since shifts in global power over the years have affected the topography. Now, however, the region can expansively be said to contain “the area from Libya E to Afghanistan, usually including Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the other countries of the Arabian peninsula” ( This geographical definition can be said to contain both the ‘Near East’, ‘Middle East’, and even farther to the East and into Africa

  • Peace in the Middle East

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    “Peace in the Middle East” has been a political issue and goal for a long time but because of differences religiously, politically, and because of the resources it offers it will never be achieved . Ever since it became known as the Middle East and even before that it has been defended and fought over by different countries for many reasons be it faith, oil, foreign and domestic leaders. All of these factors shape the future of the region and none will ever bring about peace. Probably the most significant

  • Peace in the Middle East

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    mesmerized by the thought that someone could figure out the answers to the world’s problems in less than four minutes. If only solving the Middle Eastern conflict was truly that easy. The seemingly elusive idea of peace in the Middle East is comprised of many dimensions, each entailing more than just a simplistic answer. The montage of ethnic groups in the Middle East is one of the more complicated dimensions. Being Arab tends to be a way that individuals in the United States relate to their nationality

  • Nationalism in the Middle East

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    can be applied to the development of Middle Eastern nationalism. According to Montserrat Guinernau, there are essential factors that entail national identity and ultimately lead to collective nationalism.... ... middle of paper ... the region. Montserrat Guinernau analysis of the European nationalism fails to fit the Middle East case, thus deem a special case that needs further evaluation because initially the issue of Arab nationalism in the Middle East was mainly individual driven particularly

  • The Importance Of The Middle East

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    The Middle East has come along way since the rise of civilization thousands of years ago. Civilization emerged in the Middle East and northeast Africa along the river systems as agricultural societies grew in population and developed new forms of social organization. For the last two thousands years the west has been drawn to the middle east fascinated by the culture, religion, resources and politics. The Middle East has an immense impact on the world globally. My goal in this paper is to explain

  • Regionalization in the Middle East

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    While there have been many attempts for a regional Middle East during the past half-century , and political and security cooperation , economic and still remains limited . Matthew Ajrenza and Marina Calculli study where I went wrong and attempts to explore the prospects for greater regional unity in the future . By Marina Calculli and Matthew Ajrenza for International Peace Institute ( IPI ) In the international system today tend neighboring countries to build regional groupings or sub-regional in

  • U.S. and The Middle East

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    The role of the Middle East has been very crucial to the United States, especially after WWII. The U.S. had three strategic goals in the Middle East and consistently followed them throughout various events that unfolded in the region. First, with the emergence of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the U.S., policymakers began to recognize the importance of the Middle East as a strategic area in containing Soviet influence. This also coincides with the U.S. becoming increasingly wary of Arab

  • Middle East

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    The Middle East has always been in conflict, from biblical times, to the crusades, and on through modern times. Since around 1900, the conflict has primarily been between two groups, Jews and Arabs. During this time, the British occupied the land and under their control the conflict remained minimal. But within months of their departure, and the division of the land between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations, war broke out. The Arabs were unhappy with the UN's divisions of the land, and in an