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“Women in Politics” Women in Afghanistan do not fully have the right to participate in their government due to the traditional values and behaviors. Most of the countries don’t allow women to represent government. Women in Afghanistan are not allowed to participate in politics because of traditional values and the patriarchal society. Women face oppression through every step of their life. Women in some countries are allowed to hold government seats but some countries like Afghanistan don’t want to give too much power in the hands of women. Afghanistan is overcoming this problem to due the western cultures and ideologies. Some women now have the authority to hold power in Afghanistan while other women are still facing difficulties. Women…show more content…
Under the current conditions women could redefine their roles in the family and community in ways that improve both their and the nation’s lives.” (Ghosh, 1) Women are becoming more liberated than before. They can maintain their lives without the support of men. Due to Habibullah’s wife Asma, Habibullah opened school for girls but the priests were very upset because of religion and traditions. According to Moghadam, under the Taliban regime women rights were restricted. Afghan women rights have been constrained by the patriarchal society and by the existence of the weak central state. For more women to take a part in politics, they need to attain education. “Protection of Women’s Rights (Anjoman-i Hemayat-I Neswan) was established to help women fight domestic injustice and take a role in public life.” (Moghadam, 21) Men in Afghanistan look down upon many women upon because they perceive women as being housewives. Islamist say that women are not supposed to take a part in making decisions. Household rules restrict women from traveling and compulsory veiling has to be done. In order, for Afghan women to be modernized they need to be allowed a place in the government. According to Moghadam, Valentine M Afghanistan and Iran both have conflicts when it comes freedom for women. The social structure of Iran is more modern middle class and Afghanistan has more of a tribal social structure. Iran has had women modernizing around the government but Afghan women are not permitted to be modernized around

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