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  • Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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    When someone hears the word Vietnam, usually it is in regard to the Vietnam War. Despite what most westerners think, Vietnam isn’t all about the Vietnam war. There is a long history starting thousands and thousands of years ago. In the past hundred years Vietnam has significantly developed. Vietnam is run by a communist government, and following the lead of some asian countries, they have begun to transition their economy to capitalism. In recent years, tourism has increased and this has sped

  • The History Of Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam flag is all red with a five-pointed star in the middle. The red symbolizes blood and revolution. The five pointed star means the five elements of populace, as in, peasants, workers, intellectuals, traders, and soldiers. Geography Vietnam is located in southern eastern Asia. It borders The Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea. China, Cambodia, and Laos are alongside of it. According to research, 3 quarters of Vietnam is made up of mountainous and hilly regions. 44% tropical

  • Vietnam

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    Vietnam The war-torn country of Vietnam is once again in the midst of a revolution. Only this war is not being fought with soldiers and tanks; rather, it is being fought and won with businessmen and free-trade. This new on-slot of foreign business in the formerly closed country have completely rejuvenated the Vietnamese economy. For the first time since the re-unification of Vietnam in 1976, the doors of the market place are opened to the outside world and Vietnam is aggressively taking

  • Vietnam

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    countries: Cambodia 1,228 km, China 1,281 km, Laos 2,130 km In 1986, the Sixth Party Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam formally abandoned Marxist economic planning and began introducing market elements as part of a broad economic reform package called "Doi Moi" ("Renovation"). In many ways, this followed the Chinese model and achieved similar results. On the one hand, Vietnam achieved around 8% annual GDP growth from 1990 to 1997 and continued at around 7% from 2000 to 2002, making it the world's

  • The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech In Vietnam And Vietnam

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    opinions, feelings, and wishes. However, it is the fact that not all of nations are free as much as America. Free speech is different in each country. Vietnam is on opposite side with America. Vietnamese people have limits on their speech; in another word, this nation does not have free speech. There are significant differences between America and Vietnam in regards to freedom of speech on social media, in the classroom and…. The differences between two nations display that free speech is important.

  • Vietnam: Popular Culture And Culture In Vietnam

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    Vietnam is a small country just south of China, bordered by the Gulf of Tonkin. Although Vietnam has been shaped and sculpted by other countries its traditions have been preserved. It is know to have a rich culture and traditions. There are elegant clothes, expressive music, beautiful art, a distinct language, diverse religions, delicious food, and amazing sights. Traditional Vietnamese clothes are known to be very graceful and elegant. The most recognized piece of clothing is the ‘ao dai’, a national

  • Vietnam

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    Vietnam Introduction. Vietnam is a unique civilization with highly cultured people. It is a country filled with natural beauty, tranquil rural settings, and bustling urban centers. In this period of renovation, Vietnam is emerging as an economic powerhouse in South East Asia. From the bustling commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City to the gracious capital of Ha Noi, local business is flourishing and international companies are lining up to invest in new projects. The nation, strangled by

  • Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam has a long history of fighting off imperialistic countries and empires, a Vietnamese nationalist named Ho Chi Minh grew tired of Vietnam controlled by other countries and in 1941 he formed a group called the Vietminh and began the fight for Vietnamese independence for the final time. Finally, in 1945 Ho Chi Minh had gained independence for Vietnam and began his communist rule. Ho Chi Minh believed that he would have the support of the United States due to their opposition of colonialism but

  • The Landscapes of Vietnam

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    Vietnam is one of the beautiful countries in Southeast Asia with an anciently culture. Vietnam’s terrain is very diverse according to the natural areas. Also, Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate in the south with only two seasons: rain season from mid May to mid September, and the dry season from mid October to mid April, and monsoon climate in the north with four seasons :spring, summer, autumn and winter. And Vietnam has a lot of famous places to visit. Vietnam is a country with a curved shape

  • Vietnam

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    North Vietnam was battling for ownership of South Vietnam, so they could be a unified nation. To prevent the domino effect and further spread of communism, the USA troops in 1965 went into action against the Viet Cong until 1975. Not only did the Greatest superpower in the world get bested by a third world nation, but also lost many of it's young men to a meaningless war that they could have never won. To prevent the domino effect and, from America's point of view, stop the further spread of communism