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Communism has been and still remains as one of the biggest threats to a democratic government. The tensions between North Vietnam, which was communist, and non-communistic South Vietnam’s governments occurred over the desire to gain absolute control and eradicate the other opposing rival government. Vietnam, during this time period, was fighting a civil war composed of the Northern regions and Southern regions in which the North wished to change the democratic governments that were currently in effect. The speech “On Vietnam and Not Seeking Re-election” by Lyndon B. Johnson, explains the Vietnam War and why he did not seek to be re-elected.
The 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson was born August 27, 1908 in Stonewall, Texas. Johnson was raised in a small farm house with very little. He was the youngest of 5 children and was guided through childhood by his grandfather, Samuel Johnson. He was unfortunately pronounced dead later on in his life on January 22, 1973 in his hometown Stonewall, Texas. Johnson was the vice president as of January 20th, 1961 to November 22nd, 1963. He unplanningly inherited the presidency after John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. Johnson’s term in office was fairly short considering his plan to turn down re-election, which he clearly stated by sharing his speech. LBJ was only president from November 22nd, 1963 to January 20th, 1969. Instead of creating a popular image for himself, like John F. Kennedy was capable of doing, Lyndon B. Johnson caused much hatred, riot, and outburst throughout the country of Vietnam.
Johnson did not wish to seek re-election for various reasons. The U.S. citizens were pretty infatuated with this decision. On March 31, 1968 Lyndon B. Johnson delivered his “On...

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