Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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The longest war in the history of the United States took place in Vietnam during the Cold War. The United States involvement in the Vietnam War started when the Vietnamese were fighting the French for independence. Prior to U.S. involvement, France had attempted to govern Vietnam as one of its own colonies, but after years of being at war with the rebels and communists, France could not take anymore. The United States feared of the spread of communism and saw themselves as a democratic super power, and therefore, they felt morally obligated to stand up and fight against communism in place of France. Vietnam was later split into North and South Vietnam at the Geneva Conference which was originally designed to end the French/Vietnam war. Northern Vietnam was run by communists and supported by China and Russia. Southern Vietnam was then solely supported by the United States.
The United States involved themselves in Vietnam for four main reasons: they wanted to contain communism, prevent the domino effect, support a very weak South Vietnam, and get retaliation for being attacked. After seeing China fall to communism in 1949, Lyndon Johnson did not want to watch the same thing happen in Vietnam. He decided that the United States must fight to contain communism in Vietnam and prevent the domino theory. The domino theory simply stated that if one country fell to communism, neighboring countries would soon follow suit, falling like a set of dominos. Essentially, Americans believed that if South Vietnam fell, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand would follow. Also, South Vietnam could not stand against the Vietcong alone because they were too weak and ill-equipped to fight. The United States believed that with good government, a large scale and ...

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...much greater and even costs the lives of many civilians, they considered this a necessary evil. They lost many lives, but they came out with their freedom and independence.
The United States eventually pulled out of the war. The Vietcong were protecting their way of life and their choice of government from an aggressor that was trying to keep them from gaining independence. Although the American troops had all the advantages when it came to military power, the Vietcong had the will to fight with what little they had and made the absolute most of the basic weaponry they were provided. American troops in this war were much younger on average and much less willing to fight. The more lives the Vietcong lost, the more determined they were to win. Whereas, the more American lives lost, the more they wanted to pack up and go home. And that is exactly what they did.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the longest war in the history of the united states took place in vietnam during the cold war.
  • Analyzes how the united states fought to contain communism, prevent the domino effect, support a weak south vietnam, and get retaliation for being attacked.
  • Explains that the united states did not lose the war as much as they failed to win it. they lost their support back home because the public didn't like what they were seeing in the media.
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