Windows: Microsoft Windows, A Graphical Operating System

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Microsoft Windows is a graphical operating system, produced by Microsoft Corporation. System began operating as a front graphical MS -DOS in 1985, in a move to respond to the growing interest in the graphical user interfaces. The Microsoft Windows dominates the PC market in the world where reach share of nearly 90 % of the market ahead of the Mac OS, which was released in 1984. In this essay I will took about windows 7, window8, and the difference between windows7 and windows 8.
Windows 7 is a series introduced by Windows operating systems, Microsoft issued in October 22, 2009 [4] after Windows Vista system in less than three years. Windows 7 operating system for desktop PCs and workstations own, as it targets laptops, computers and Internet tablets. It also released a copy of servers (servers) interview at the same time also. It is developed after Windows 8 and Windows 7. of the most important features included in windows 7 is support for hard drives phantom, and you know the handwriting, and improved on his ability to work with multi -core processors. The improved boot performance, and improved as well as DirecTV Access in addition to improvements in the core. It also added support for Windows 7 systems that use multiple graphics cards are different from each other. He also added a good copy of System Center Windows media, and gave him the added extras in the windows and perched on the desktop.
Windows 8 is the operating system Microsoft Windows produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers. It is including desktop computers , commercial , and media center PCs. Windows has seen several developments in the graphical interface and functional properties of the system both .The properties and developments in Windows 8 is work...

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...iles, settings, backgrounds, and others. It is works as if you were on the same machine. The high efficiency of Windows 8 and the speed to take off will operate the property are excellent, and this property does not exist in Windows 7.
In conclusion, all Windows has specific system and different characteristics and we use the easier system and quicker. Evolution haunts us and we must move forward to try the new always. In my opinion I use just windows 7 and I like it because it is more easy to use and it not complex, but I want to try updating it to have new system that woke well. Develop help as to learn more and keep up with new technologies.Windows 8 is more complex but it is have new application and have good security. Choose the best and complex for your personal computer to learn it step by step and we will not have problem after they develop another's system.
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