Personal Computers are better than Macintosh Computers

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The conflict between personal computers (PCs; developed by Microsoft) and Macintosh computers (Macs; developed by Apple) has occurred for many years. The two are constantly competing with each other to win over the computing market. Macintosh claims that their computers are more efficient when working with graphic design and media arts, while a PC is known for mathematical superiority and a stronger variety of hardware and software. Many myths about both systems have been spread amongst the consumer world. However, proper research can easily clarify these fictions. Someone looking to buy a new computer has a right to know the truths behind both systems. Though the Macintosh computer and the personal computer have been competing for years, a PC is a much wiser choice for the average consumer.

The PC and the Mac have many factors that can be compared and contrasted. Walking through the computer store, a shopper can see the two side-by-side and begin to make conclusions. The Mac looks sleek and fancy with all sorts of different colors while a PC may appear to be nothing more than a vanilla-colored box. However, when the shopper looks around the store, it is easy to notice "that Mac titles aren't easy to find" (Kantor). Microsoft's operating system, Windows, is supported by many software developing companies, while only a small selection is made available to Mac owners. Something else someone might notice is that only Apple makes Macintosh computers, while many different companies can make a PC that supports Microsoft Windows. Taking a brief look at the interface of the systems, the Mac looks bubbly and "cute" while the Windows desktop tends to look more corporate or professional (Farmer, Harris, Kantor, Marks).

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...list of companies while only Apple makes Macintosh computers. Both Macs and PCs are vulnerable to viruses, so one of Mac's few advantages is actually a myth.

It would seem that a personal computer has many advantages over a Mac. Therefore, it would make sense that PCs make up "95 percent or more of the market" (Kantor). By sticking with the majority, a user has easy access to people who are trained to repair their computer and to hardware and software selections (Kantor).

Due to of the reasons stated, a personal computer is a much better choice than a Macintosh computer for most consumers. People with certain needs may be happier with a Mac. However, the majority of consumers will find reliability and satisfaction in a PC. An educated shopper knows what they are personally looking for, and hopefully those who read this essay can confidently make their own choice.
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