Apple and Microsoft

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Throughout the past 37 years, two companies have ruled the personal computer world. Their feud has been a primary focus for supporters of both companies, despite the many issues that have been going on throughout America since 1975. These companies are Apple Inc. and Microsoft. Both are prosperous, well-known companies, who have dramatically changed the computer industry, and arguably, formed the industry in the first place. Both companies have a vivid history of success and prosperity, and both have made groundbreaking contributions to the computer industry as a whole. Apple Inc. was established in 1976 in California by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Their goal was supposedly to create an inexpensive and user-friendly computer. On April 1st of 1976, they introduced their first “computer”. It was actually just an enclosed circuit board, which they called the Apple I. Later, the Apple II and the Mac were introduced to the market. These products were designed to be attractive and easily usable by the general public, not just computer hobbyists. With the invention of the Apple II, they developed a compact machine that could produce sound and load programs through devices similar to audio cassette tapes. Throughout the 1970’s, Jobs and Wozniak continued to improve upon the Apple II, with each subsequent version having better graphics, faster processing, and more RAM. Beginning in the 1980s, Apple II computers became the standard for schools and other professional establishments throughout the US. During this time, Apple was busy creating the Mac, Apples “masterpiece”. The Mac, introduced in 1984, was to be for the everyday consumer. A year later, Jobs was kicked out of his own business. For 12 years, Apple suffered. In 1997, Jobs was h... ... middle of paper ... ...a far superior computer that runs the windows 7 operating system. If one only wants a computer, they can expect to buy a PC for a few hundred dollars less than they could for a Mac with identical hardware specifications. From these results, it is reasonable to assume that Windows 7 computers are by far the best choice for the average everyday consumer because of their comparatively low price, high all-around test results, and for the jungle of customization options that are available for users of the operating system. Works Cited "A history of Windows - Microsoft Windows.", 2013. Web. 8 Dec 2013. "History of Apple Computers -", 2013. Web. 8 Dec 2013. "Mac OS X Mountain Lion vs. Windows 7 - IGN." IGN, 2013. Web. 8 Dec 2013. Nelson, Tom. "Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Benchmarks." Macs, 2013. Web. 8 Dec 2013.
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