Hisoty Of Apple Computer

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In this essay I will introduce a short history of the raise of the Apple Computer a company which exist to the present time, and produces personal computers and other electronic equipment such as very popular portable music players.

The company started in the early 80s, when a couple of computer fascinated friends decided to create a new model in personal computing.

Steven Wozniak and Steve Jobs, high school friends, at first worked for different companies; Wozniak for Atari and Jobs for HP. They decided to combine their knowledge and their dreams and create a new type of user friendly personal computer accessible for ordinary people.

That is how the based on first model of Apple I was born.

The Apple I was based on the Mostek 6502 chip, whereas most other computers were the Intel 8080. The Apple I was sold through several small retailers, and included only the circuit board. A tape-interface was sold separately, but you had to build the case. The Apple I's initial cost was $666.66. And the next model Apple II was introduced very shortly after.

Soon after, Wozniak and Jobs established their own company called Apple Computer on the 1st of April 1976. Initially Ronald Gerald Wayne joined the team during the company's beginning, but only for a short period of time. Therefore he is not mentioned as one of its founders in most of bibliographies.

At first the company was based at Jobs home, in his garage, but very quickly it grew and after a few years became a company, which employed thousands of employees.

The construction works on a completely new computer model began in 1979. This time Apple was supposed to create a machine which did not need high computer skills to be operated with. The operation of the computer was based on graphic interface using a mouse to navigate it.

The idea was born while Jobs visited one of Xerox PARC labs, where he noticed a prototype of a new graphic interface system machine.

One of the Xerox employees at that time, Jef Raskin later switched to Apple on 3 January 1978 and eventually became its project manager. Unfortunately, because of many internal and interpersonal problems, completion of the project was losing momentum.

In 1981 IBM released a brand new model of PC, which became very popular and set new standards in personal computing.

Flow of time and never ending modifications, took its tool on the Apple project and caused rise in production costs.
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