Jeep Essays

  • Jeep History

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    The original Jeep was born of necessity, it was hand built in seven weeks with people that were smart and hard-working. Jeeps have an amazing background as well as an amazing history. Also, the Jeep was the real reason we won World War II. The Jeep also started a huge new generation of off-roading and 4 wheeling. Jeeps are a reliable, go anywhere vehicle, and are very strong and capable of anything thrown at it. After the Jeep won us the war, it turned into a civilian favorite. Race car

  • A Brief Note On Jeeps

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    reliable transport vehicle? Without the Jeep, Americans during WWII would have struggled in the war because they would not have the Jeeps durability, their multi purposeful design, and their economically beneficial high capacity producing availability. The durability was proved by the way that many WWII leaders tested and loved the Jeeps. They were very much entertained by them, their uniqueness, the way that civilians and past soldiers wanted their own Jeep, and there competitiveness strong points

  • land rover case

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    LRNA had to identify a target market. The influx of Japanese models proved that consumers clearly wanted an SUV. As with any successful product launch, it was imperative for LRNA to identify its target market. The American market was dominated by Jeep and Ford at the time. Land Rover decided that they could deliver a product that would satisfy consumers as well as compete with the market leaders. Analysis of research data revealed that two separate groups of consumers were the most likely to be

  • Sergio Marchionne and the Chrysler Group

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    In the observation of Sergio Marchionne and the Chrysler group there were many things that needed to change within the organization to make it survive not only the recession but the future in a competitive leading edge automobile industry. There were a couple of observable artifacts, and a Hieracicial framework that may have led Chrysler into bankruptcy. It is still not clear if Chrysler has changed the Vision statement for the organization, but after a review it is clear that it is customer focused

  • My Dream Car Essay

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    Being able to afford a Granite Crystal 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 SUV is currently an unaffordable dream I would love to make a realistic goal. I would like the jeep to be fully loaded with: heated leather seats, remote engine start, back-up camera, moon roof and much more. My grandmother once said, “You can make all your dreams come true, as long as you set your heart to it.” Although I may not be able to afford my dream car today, there is still hope in making this dream become a reality

  • Bill McKibben's "Driving Global Warming"

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    Bill McKibben is a reputable environmental writer and a contributor to a wide variety of publications, including The New York Review of Books, Outside, and The New York Times. As found on his personal website, McKibben is a simple man concerned with family, faith, and fun. He argues in "Driving Global Warming," published 2001, in the magazine The Christian Century, that a gas guzzling SUV is the number one contributing automobile to global warming. Rather recently, within the past ten years

  • The Economy and SUVs

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    SUV’s have become the center of a large controversy in the last couple of years. Many studies have been conducted on the relation to the economy and the popularity of the SUV. The sport utility vehicle not only affects the economy with its gas-guzzling capabilities during a time of war, but with the safety questions that have continued to arise. “Automobiles have a large impact on the quality of our environment and public health. Automobile use affects virtually every aspect of environmental quality

  • Dodge Nitro Marketing Mix

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    target market, however, it has been found to be appealing to the female gender by the show in sales (55% with female purchasers). The product is considered conservative in styling and design. Mechanically, the Dodge Nitro is a line extension to the Jeep Liberty in size and looks. It is hard to distinguish one from the other in a line up or on the road; the biggest physical difference is the front of each vehicle is designed differently. This vehicle is 2-wheel or a 4-wheel optional with a V6 engine

  • Persuasive Essay On Jeeps

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    Jeeps evolved from the vehicles that the military used during World War III (Rosn). Some of the reasons people get Jeeps is because of what it looks like. The Jeep has extra space to store your stuff when you are traveling, whether you are going hiking or just driving down the highway. How the Jeep handles obstacles is another factor. The Jeep Wranglers are "Trail Rated" because the vehicle is capable of handling any terrain

  • The Jeep Short Story

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    hear the siren and shouted “The jeep has arrived. Let’s go!” When I sat in the jeep, I hear someone saying “We’re not going to see tiger”. I know it is my aunt. She is telling this from day one. This time everyone has lost their minds. Aunt’s son warned his mom to leave her here alone and moreover her husband also told her to be quiet and stop crying. The journey didn’t start well. However, this was only the start. We had hired three jeeps. I sat in the first jeep which was the coziest. When the

  • Personal Narrative On The Jeep

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    road Jeeps that his friends and he used to go to the tide pools with. Knowing me, I don’t want to ride with my uncle or his friends so I tell him I want to build my own Jeep. He had two old broken Jeeps on his land that he never found the time to rebuild so my cousin and I pulled the two Jeeps to my uncle’s business garage. I had to use both jeeps to make one off road Jeep, For 5 days straight I went to his garage from 9 am to 9 pm working on the Jeep. I was working so hard on the Jeep I got

  • Journey in the Jeep - Original Writing

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    Journey in the Jeep - Original Writing The air in Icmeler was humid. I could hardly breathe. When the water bounced off the sides of the jetty it was incredibly refreshing. I could smell the seaweed from miles away. It was disgusting. Sweat was dripping from my brow all day long. I was constantly buying ice creams, just to keep cool. Every day I was awakened by the same sound. It was the big tourist boats revving up their engines. Every morning I would sit on my elegantly decorated balcony

  • The Importance of Friendship

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    There were many times we rode around together. However, this particular Jeep ride was very significant because I realized what friendship is all about. One Saturday night, Kasi, Beth, Beka, Amy, and I had nothing to do. Like always, at times like this, we decided we would ride around town. We let the top down on Kasi’s vehicle. It was a red Jeep Wrangler, with red interior and big mud tires. We climbed in the Jeep one by one until we were all inside. Amy, Beka, and Beth all sat in the back

  • American Dream Goals

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    Throughout my life I have set many goals for myself. Each goal is a small step towards achieving my idea of the American Dream. Every person in America has their own idea or version of what the American Dream is. To me, an American Dream is something that we can all achieve, but it will take a lot of hard work in order for us to be successful. Certain people will dream of happiness and others might dream of wealth, but I believe the dream that I want to achieve is something more meaningful than those

  • The Willys Jeep: The First World War

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    iconic of these vehicles being the Willys Jeep. This vehicle became one of the most iconic vehicles in history for America, and will forever be remembered by those who fought beside it. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the President of the United States at the time, said “The Jeep, the Dakota, and the Landing Craft were the three tools that won the war.” The Jeep name has lived on to this day and continues to drive towards the American Dream. The Willys Jeep was an influential tool in winning the

  • 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Power and Versatility

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    2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited offers twin benefits of high performance and aesthetics. It not only looks very nice but it also features excellent tires and seats. It has already undergone many tests and it can proudly say that it incorporates the best safety ratings of any sports utility vehicle in its class. The Unlimited has outstanding 4x4 functionalities, and in addition, a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine that delivers enough power to help it climb extremely steep

  • Using My Jeeps: Positive Impacts In My Life

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    from Jeeps. To me, my Jeeps are not just boring, old vehicles, it’s much more than that, they are an amazing tool that is used for much more than just transportation. One of the most common reasons I use my Jeep for, is to clear my head, the simple act of driving brings me at peace. The greatest reason, anyone would use a Jeep for is entertainment, by mostly driving around in the middle of nowhere and trying to go over big hills, boulders, or any obstacle that stands in front of them. Jeeps and the

  • High School Student's Journey to Owning a Jeep Cherokee

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    To begin , I am writing this for my beloved boyfriend, Ethan Daigle, on the matter of his recent purchase of a car, a Jeep Cherokee Sport 1992. For a bit over a year this High School student has been talking constantly about saving up for a nice old Cherokee to transport himself around to extracurricular activities such as Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scouts, and meeting with his band mates . With lots of dedication and research he finally found a man on "5miles" who was willing to negotiate monthly payments

  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Get My First Car

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    fair first car. Liking it but not as much as the car I have now. We told the dealer that we were going to keep looking, thinking that we may come back to my first car. After that we went to look at the next car. It was a late 90’s Jeep Wrangler. Before hand I knew Jeeps were always a cool looking car, so I was excited to take a look at this one. When we pulled up we saw the the images on Craigslist were much better than the actually car, like most four wheel drive cars. After seeing it from the car

  • Horse Travel: A Realistic Travel In Fantasy Fiction

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    larger bag. Perfect as a carry-on bag the Jeep Luggage All Terrain 20" Upright measures 22.5" x 14" x9", the unique bag weighs approximately 6 pounds and 8 ounces ( The Jeep Luggage All Terrain 20" Upright is a modern looking bag that portrays the Jeep lifestyle. Made from rugged ABS, the carry-on bag is made up of the sturdy shells and has reinforced corners. Made to be durable, rugged, and made to withstand the rigors of travel, the Jeep Luggage All Terrain 20" Upright is ideal for