Dodge Nitro Marketing Mix

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Essentially, FCA is looking at the men in the Millennial generation. One thing to understand about this target market and a sport-minded vehicle is that the car matters. Millennials also want luxury in a vehicle; this is one spot that FCA is not hitting the target.
Even though Millennials love the internet, it is not necessarily trusted and the preference is to have a one-on-one conversation to confirm the information researched is correct. This generation does not lean toward US made products. The lure of the international market looms in the backseat of the Millennial mind. Author Michael Wayland stated the following in regards to Millennials looking to purchasing vehicles:
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The team will take into consideration the many products FCA has to offer, specifically, the Dodge Nitro. The Dodge Nitro is built with a specific target market, however, it has been found to be appealing to the female gender by the show in sales (55% with female purchasers). The product is considered conservative in styling and design. Mechanically, the Dodge Nitro is a line extension to the Jeep Liberty in size and looks. It is hard to distinguish one from the other in a line up or on the road; the biggest physical difference is the front of each vehicle is designed differently. This vehicle is 2-wheel or a 4-wheel optional with a V6 engine. This points to a platform of the liking of a truck. The Dodge Nitro has a retro look that is designed to appeal to the Millennial male; however, it is not as appealing as other mid-size SUV’s on the …show more content…

The cost of the Dodge Nitro is on target, but it is suggested in providing added incentives to further attract the target market. FCA may want to consider using a fleet of vehicles for training purposes and sell to target markets for a one-time deal. Promotion Promotion for this product is conducted through television advertisements, magazines, internet and social media pages. The Dodge Nitro is promoted with other vehicles such as the Chrysler Aspen, Dodge Grand Caravan and the Chrysler Town & Country. FCA has created several types of platforms to promote the Dodge Nitro.
FCA is falling behind its competitors in several categories. The profit margin is lagging, research and development spending is not available, fuel, and the lack of technology in the arena of hybrids.
Additionally, FCA’s competition outsells them by a large majority. The internal brands competition rises with the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are the most popular vehicle FCA has in its lineup. FCA’s margins are still low within the North American marketplace and the platforms used are consider old and used due to its base being the Mercedes-Benz, which started back in 2005. New technology is not a strong-set for the FCA

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