High School Student's Journey to Owning a Jeep Cherokee

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To begin , I am writing this for my beloved boyfriend, Ethan Daigle, on the matter of his recent purchase of a car, a Jeep Cherokee Sport 1992. For a bit over a year this High School student has been talking constantly about saving up for a nice old Cherokee to transport himself around to extracurricular activities such as Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scouts, and meeting with his band mates . With lots of dedication and research he finally found a man on "5miles" who was willing to negotiate monthly payments with him, sense he is only 17 years of age you can imagine how difficult it was to find someone to work with a teenager. After negotiating with this man, he finally got his Jeep Cherokee! Although, it was not the most spiffy looking car he was …show more content…

Sense it was so late at night, and Ethan was tired he asked his father to drive. At the time of this horrific event , they were going up a hill on their way to their destination and the car began to stop accelerating even though foot was on the accelerator. They were coasting to a stop to the side of the freeway uncertain of what the cause was Ethan takes the keys out of the ignition by habit sense it was his car, and proceeds to walk to the front of the car and lift the hood ,but comes to the realization that the hood was hot then with his flashlight he proceed to check under the car this foggy night. As he flashes his flashlight under the car a burst of flame shoots out from beneath and burns his hand. He then sees flames begin to gush out of the top of the hood. Noticing all of this he yells at his father, and younger brothers to get out! Yet, the problem was the fire must have got to the battery because the locks would not open. Luckily, Ethan had brought the keys with him by habit and began to open the doors. As his father jumps out he is trying to regain his breath, due to the amount of smoke and carbon monoxide. Therefore, Ethan rushes to the back seats and begins to shake and rattle his brother out of their deep slumber. Shockingly, the second eldest wakes up and pulls the younger brother out with him. Realizing, all the expensive

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