Personal Narrative: The Day I Get My First Car

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The day you get your first car is like christmas morning for a kid. You are so ecstatic that you almost can not control yourself. But when you do get a car, you know, freedom is at your fingertips. This memory start in the middle of May. I have had my permit for a few months then, so I could drive. My dad said he wanted to help me get a car if I paid for gas and insurance. That is when I started searching Craigslist. I knew I wanted something with four wheel drive, and something that got decent gas mileage. I really liked old Ford Broncos at the time, but they got horrible gas milage, so that was off the table. My next choice was a 1985 toyota 4runner. They had great gas mileage, and good four wheel drive. I happened to be at my aunt and uncle’s house when my uncle said …show more content…

So I did. I found a couple of each car to go take a look at, and so they next day me and my dad headed out to go look. The first car we looked at was the 85 4runner. It was just under 4,000 dollars, and had only a little over 100,000 miles on it. We got in and drove it around. At the moment I though this is a fair first car. Liking it but not as much as the car I have now. We told the dealer that we were going to keep looking, thinking that we may come back to my first car. After that we went to look at the next car. It was a late 90’s Jeep Wrangler. Before hand I knew Jeeps were always a cool looking car, so I was excited to take a look at this one. When we pulled up we saw the the images on Craigslist were much better than the actually car, like most four wheel drive cars. After seeing it from the car window we still decided to walk around the vehicle and talk to the seller about it. He claims it was

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