The Jeep Short Story

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My mom wakes me up. First of all, I took my binocular. It is expensive but on my constant demands, or to be true requests, I am lucky enough to get it. I hear the siren and shouted “The jeep has arrived. Let’s go!” When I sat in the jeep, I hear someone saying “We’re not going to see tiger”. I know it is my aunt. She is telling this from day one. This time everyone has lost their minds. Aunt’s son warned his mom to leave her here alone and moreover her husband also told her to be quiet and stop crying. The journey didn’t start well. However, this was only the start. We had hired three jeeps. I sat in the first jeep which was the coziest. When the engine starts up, I thought we’ll reach early. Unfortunately, our speed was as fast as tortoise. The distance was 10 km which seemed to me like 100 km. Moreover, when someone asks the driver to speed …show more content…

When I woke up, I peered out of the window to check whether the pranksters are gone or not. They were gone, probably to find shelter as sun was shining brightly. This place is barren. I walked out and hear someone footsteps getting louder and louder. I ran and hide behind an ant hill. I am mince and can easily hide anywhere. Shadows approached and I saw my friend Tony. I was happy. We had a little conversation. He had brought games as he’s coming here for 4th time. I didn’t know his insane love for deer or he is so unlucky that he hasn’t seen a tiger yet. I played whole day with him. My mom also was stunned at all of a sudden appearance of Tony. Although, she was happy that she got someone to chat with. I played all day and went back. Cottage appeared to be daunting. The eerie atmosphere along with frightening noise made me had goose bumps. The wind acknowledged me of the forthcoming thunderstorm. A flash in the sky seemed to be a phenomenal activity. The wind was moving swiftly but storm was going to approach. I was asleep when heard noises of machine gun firing. I just only tried to ignore

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