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This compare and contrast essay is over two versions of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”. The two versions of the story that will be compared in this essay are the teleplay and the short story. The essay will include similarities and differences regarding the plot, how the teleplay construction differs from the short story, the differences between the two genres and how they affect the reader, and my opinion of which genre I prefered and why.
First off, we have some similarities of the two genres. Over all the stories are very similar, the basic story line does not differ between the two stories. Another similarity is, in both stories the monsters in the end were truly themselves, they all turn against one another for one reason; illogical thoughts. The setting stays the same between the two genres along with many details. Also, most of the characters’ personalities and dialogue are the same, although sometimes this varies. Another similarity is that all the characters have the same reasoning for being thought of as monsters, such as, Ned Rosen/Mr. Goodman was accused of being a monster because he stargazes in the wee hours of the morning, and that was found very suspicious. There aren’t many drastic similarities in the two genres, however, there are many differences.
Next, we have some differences of the two genres. One large difference is the teleplay has actions and scenes are separated from the dialogue, which gives you a more detailed visual of Maple Street rather than in the short story. Another way the two stories differ is in the short story the events are not quite as dramatic as they seemed in the teleplay, for example, when explaining the sound of the light flashing overhead the teleplay says “[Tommy looks up ...

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...stic. Although, I was strongly affected by the ending of the short story, because it was more intense.
Finally, which genre I prefer and why. I prefer the teleplay version because it was uncomplicated and easier to understand what was happening. It also gave a better visual to what Maple Street was like. I felt that the teleplay version had more clarity to the occurring situations. In my opinion in the short story the author just tried too hard, the teleplay was more simplistic and easier to follow and by far easier to understand.
Overall, the two genres have many twists and turns about them, many differences, and many similarities. They both have positives and negative differences to them, but they’re also the same in many ways. They both have peculiar twisted endings, leaving the reader wowed with the unexpected turn of events, no matter which genre you prefer.

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