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There are several reasons I choose the topics, I wrote about. Some of the reasons where personal, the others based on my interest in learning more about the topics. My personal attachment came from my own memories that the essays reminded me of. My writing skills at the beginning of the semester was, at an elementary level, but now that I’ve had practice. I’m beginning to flourish with talents that come alive at the tap of key. As I looked over the essays I wrote, I am able to see the clumsy mistakes I made along the way. Now, in the future I can avoid being picked out of the crowd as the amateur writer.
The following papers in this portfolio is of the essays I did in Comp I class. The papers represent my worst essay and my improved work. There are two MLA formatted papers, both are a graded copy of my revisions. The third paper in folder is one of my timed writing prompts, it represents how I can freely write each writing was timed at a five minute interval.
This portfolio explains in detail, why I choose the topic I did and what I could’ve done to make my paper better. I discuss my weak points and what I need to focus on, in order to become a better writer. My first essay was challenging because I went into it unprepared. My study ethics was not as it should’ve been. I lacked proofreading which lead to me overlooking some major MLA don’ts. Also, due to feeling overwhelmed from a 4 class semester I felt I bite off more than I could chew, so my attitude was to just make it through. The second essay peaked my interest a bit, because I consider myself a bit on the plump side. Doing the research was beneficial to me as a student and as an overweight female. And finally the timed writing was fun for me, I really loved doing them. W...

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...timed writing, about the Hillbillies, I wanted it to have a humorous voice, so that the reader would see the humor as it was being read. It was written with the intention of tapping into the memory of the reader. The tone was set to have a humorious effect as it is being read. One of the negatives about this writing is that it was timed. Because it was timed, I was only able to get two or three paragraphs before I drew a blank and got a writer’s block. On the other hand, there is a good side to this writing, it allowed me to write all the recollections I had about the show on paper, which was five minutes of rough drafting. Within that five minutes I was able to get a whole page of work that I could use for essays in the future. I think I did pretty well in this writing, I still need work on my punctuations and word usage but I’m work is work in progress.

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