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There are different types of essay writing including descriptive, illustrative, compare and contrast, persuasive and cause an effect. The main idea of the essay, or the thesis, is presented in the first paragraph. The thesis of this essay is how to use the writing process to effectively apply composition techniques including wriing the thesis statement, using topic sentences, transitiions, details, and proper conventions to elaborate your ideas using voice, word choice, sentence fluency and organization to bring your essay to a logical and meaningful conclusion.
Although there should be at least five paragraphs in each essay, there could be more depending on the subject matter and the purpose of the essay. Generally, the first paragraph is an introduction describing what you will be writing about. The next paragraphs expand your main idea with vivid details and examples. Finally, the composition ends with a summary paragraph where you review what has been said and provide emphasis and a conclusion.
To begin with, the best way to start a new paragraph is to use what is called a transition, a word or phrase that eases the reader into the main idea, or topic sentence, of your new paragraph. A transition improves the connection between ideas and allows thoughts to flow more smoothly. "To begin with," is the transitional phrase used to start this paragraph and demonstrates how it helps the reader move easily from one idea to another. For example (another transition), a transitional phrase eases the reader into the topic of this paragraph, which is how to effectively use transitional words and phrases to make writing flow. Transitions can be used both at the beginning of and within paragraphs as just shown.
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.... Place one after a pause in your thinking, just as you would pause when speaking. Use commas to separate things in a list so that the things do not run into each other. For example, to describe what you had for lunch, you would say you ate salad, chicken, onions and peas. Punctuation marks are basically just a general courtesy to the reader to help him or her negotiate your written ideas.
Finally, of course, is the conclusion. This paragraph summarizes all of the thoughts you have already presented in a format that underscores and reinforces your ideas. Having a strong conclusion brings a cohesiveness and finality to your writing that will, hopefully, linger in the reader's mind and make your theories and interpretations meaningful and unforgettable. There is nothing like leaving a captivating and lasting mark on someone through your writing abilities.

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