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Many workers in developing countries work long, hard hours for very low wages. Many companies benefit from low-wage work because they can spend less on employees which makes it easier for their companies to survive. On the other hand, the people who obtain these jobs dislike low-wage work, yet they know without these jobs they would have no income and could be living on the streets. Overall the two essays “No Sweat” and “Low Wage Strong Backs” discusses low wage workers and they talk about working conditions, one focus on both positive and negative effects of low wage work while the other focuses only on the negative effects. The two essays No Sweat and Low Wage Strong Backs talks about workers who get low wages. In the essay No Sweat, “In Uzbekistan, thousands of children must pick 10 to 40 kg of cotton per day, earning a wage of 38 cents for their efforts (Garyfalakis, Page 299, Para. 3).” Also in the other essay Low Wages Strong Backs said that “this job pays $8 an hour. That’s nearly $3 more than I made last week stacking boxes of foam padding at a factory in Moonachie” (Meaghe...

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