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  • The Pedagogy of E-learning

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    management of learning resources with e-learning providers. Reasons for adopting detailed interviews are as follows: First, interviews are appropriate to examine the extent to which the critical factors identified from literature and empirical studies are practiced. Accordingly, it was deemed that interviews are particularly suitable for understanding versatile beliefs and practices of individual e-learning stakeholder in assessing what works the best (or worst) to enhance e-learning effectiveness

  • Learning Technology: E-Learning And Use Of Technology

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    E-LEARNING & USES OF TECHNOLOGY E-learning is “the most intelligent way to learn anything, anywhere, anytime”. E-learning is the learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet. "Successful e-learning depends on the self-motivation of particular individuals to study effectively". The term “e-learning” was tossed recently. When we focus on education, “e-learning” has been pretty much focused after ‘00s education which was before taken up in classroom in which students where

  • The future to embrace e-learning

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    their sense of learning and in turns progresses academic performances overall. Besides the dull environment of the classroom, the progress of the class might improve as well. This is due to that everything in the class or lecture is recorded and saved online. This allows the students to refer back to what the lecturer previous taught. Thus improving the student’s learning process and ensures that none of them miss out on the lecture or class. Although opponents argue that online learning may get users

  • Benefits Of E Learning Essay

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    has created a new learning model called e-learning that is considered as a new revolution in the world of education. Talbott et. al, 2002) describes E-learning as the type of learning where people pursue professional or educational courses without the use of traditional learning methods. Such involves taking a course or going to school remotely by making use of the web as a classroom . According to Tastle et al. (2005) ,for the purposes of study electronic learning refers to the delivery

  • Importance Of E-Learning

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    In societies today, e-Learning and modern electronic educational technology are very important. A lot of significant developments has occurred in e-Learning over the past ten (10) years especially in regards to technology and how it has influenced our daily lives with the use of mobile technology like Smartphones, tablets, and similar devices which have flooded the market and therefore opened up new possibilities for how we learn on the go. There is also wealth of resources and techniques that helps

  • The Importance Of E-Learning In Nursing

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    E-learning is important to nursing because it is not only playing an increasing role in how nurses are educated, but the techniques of e-learning are also being utilized in the workplace. More nurses are returning to school to further their education utilizing web-based courses. E-learning technology is also being utilized in the workplace for employee education and in-services. There are many benefits to web-based courses. There is more flexibility in the time allotted for logging in to classes

  • E-Learning Tools

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    E-Learning Tools This paper will discuss three tools used at the University of Phoenix that give their students transfer lifelong skills that can be used in the work place as well as everyday life. Learning Teams, rEsource, and Problem Based Learning are the tools that teach students problem-solving techniques and social skills. The rEsource contains valuable links to information resources that allows students to enhance their research skills. The Value of rEsource R-Esourcse is a valuable tool

  • How E-Learning Affects our Society

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    through the internet. In the field of E-learning, the internet is very handy. Many people prefer to study at home; the e-learning program allows students to study themselves anywhere in the country to obtain a tertiary education and get an online degree. E-learning will become a trend in the future. Although many people believe that e-learning brings many negative effects to the society, there are actually many positive effects of e-learning. Firstly, E-learning can help to develop knowledge of the

  • Information about E-learning Technology

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    developments regarding the use of computers in our society. One of the major impacts is the emergence of E-learning. This concept has provided opportunities to the advantaged, disadvantaged and disabled individuals in order to facilitate computer access. E-learning has taken a step within primary and secondary institutions. Furthermore, within the Universities, Colleges and other training institutions, E-learning is one of the main mechanisms for access to educational resources. Online classes utilize specially

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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    E- Learning is a very useful tool when it come to train all kinds of individuals but there are some disadvantages to it as well. There are many issues when it come to E- learning, The most common issue is that E-Learning is dependent on technology. This is an issue because what if the traineer doesn 't have the ability to access the learning tool For example internet, more and more E-learning programs require the internet at some time. Well what happens when the trainer doesnt have access to the

  • E-Learning And Constructivism Essay

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    Hsu, 2008). The usage of learning management systems in the classroom and in the workplace continues to play an important role in helping instructors, trainers and educators in meeting their pedagogical as well as their organizational goals (see Argyris, 1977; Beatty & Ulasewicz, 2006; Liu, Li & Carlsson, 2010; Shrivastava, 1983; Ong, Lai & Wang, 2004). Becoming ubiquitous since the 80’s and 90’s, learning management systems (LMS) are one of the means of e-learning—a learning situation where instructors

  • E-Learning And Mobile Learning: Five Essentials Of Mobile Learning

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    MOBILE LEARNING 30.1 Introduction 30.2 Meaning of Mobile Learning 30.3 Difference between E- Learning and Mobile Learning 30.4 Applications of Mobile Learning 30.5 Essentials for Mobile Learning 30.6 Advantages of Mobile Learning 30.7 Challenges of Mobile Learning 30.8 Let us sum up LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, students should be able to understand: 1) To understand the meaning of Mobile Learning 2) To comprehend the difference between E- Learning and Mobile Learning 3) To

  • Meaning And Meaning Of E-Learning

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    Meaning of Learning: Learning is an activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught or experience. It produces changes in the organism through education, personal development, schooling, or training and the changes produced are relatively permanent. The study of learning is consist of educational psychology, neuropsychology, learning theory, and pedagogy. Learning does not occur all at once , is based on previous knowledge. It may be goal-oriented and may

  • Virtual University e-Learning System

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    Virtual University e-learning system. The factors which affect the level of satisfaction are acceptance of this online university as learning organization, learning provisions for students, interactivity issues and instructor’s self learning from the system. Qualitative as well as quantitative information was collected from respondents. Focus group discussions were also conducted with instructors to take in-depth information regarding their satisfaction from online learning system. Results showed

  • Positive and Negative Effects of e-learning for Students

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    POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS E-LEARNING FOR STUDENTS Nowadays, E-learning has become an increasingly popular approach to learning in higher education institutions due to the rapid growth of Internet technology. As we can see, most higher education institutions using e-learning to improve the education of students and enhance their technology skills. E-learning can give us a lot of positive effects, especially students; however, the technological content was twice the decline and needs. Computer

  • Write An Essay On E-Learning

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    E- Learning is the process of use of technologies which help students to learn at any place and time using their computers and other such devices. It includes educational technology for learning as well as for teaching. It is a technology to extend learning using technological means like internet, intranet and extranet so that it can reach the masses. It includes many terms inside it like web based training; computer based training, virtual and digital classrooms. It delivers its content with the

  • Can E-learning Replace the Traditional “Chalk and Talk” Delivery?

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    internet with electronic learning (E-learning) as a great resource for students. E-learning consists of all forms of electronic delivery that supports learning and training. E-learning give students control over their learning process. Nonetheless, having the internet so close to one’s fingertips could sometimes hinder the learner’s experiential learning. Simple teaching strategies associated with using the internet make it a useful tool for students around the globe. Thus, E-learning is essential because

  • E- Learning

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    E- Learning in training has tremendous influence and foothold all over the world including in India and pushing them toward success. Innovative technology is the key that develops the human resource base to improving people’s lives. Rapid innovation in ICT is transforming the way employees work, the way they interact, and the way they learn and apply in their day to day work. Centred on information technologies and the power that they increasingly wield within the global economy, it can be asserted

  • Reflecting on an E-learning Staff Training Event that I Witnessed for Six Years as a Participant

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    Introduction The primary focus of this paper is to reflect on an E-learning staff development training event that I observed for the last six years as a participant. The E-learning training utilized the same method and the same material during this time. The staff development training is an annual requirement for teachers to complete before the beginning of each school year. This training was mandatory and supported the concept of safe schools. The objective of the training was highlighted, which

  • Learning Within E-learning Ecosystems

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    the critical success factors within an e-learning ecosystems namely the principles and methods, processes and systems, and substance and content of teaching and learning. A qualitative approach was adopted to evaluate the critical success factors involving two principal data collection methods; a thorough and systematic review literature and in-depth interviews with e-learning providers. The interviewees corroborated the need for an effective model of e-learning in which, each of these factors provide