Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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E- Learning is the process of use of technologies which help students to learn at any place and time using their computers and other such devices. It includes educational technology for learning as well as for teaching. It is a technology to extend learning using technological means like internet, intranet and extranet so that it can reach the masses. It includes many terms inside it like web based training; computer based training, virtual and digital classrooms. It delivers its content with the help of CD, DVD, audio and video, interactive TV and many more such paths of providing information. It helps people who are far situated and want to gain knowledge through distance learning. It also provides flexibility in the education system as it is available at any place and time.
E -learning word was first came into existence in CBT systems seminar in 1999. Words like online learning and virtual learning were also introduced. But the process of E- Learning was used before that for a long period of time in foreign universities and for individuals. But it got a meaningful name afterwards.
There are four types of methods for e learning-
Knowledge databases – This is a basic form of E – Learning which offers you to explanations and methods for things to do step by step by a single search for any problem.
Online support – It also works like knowledge database but it consists of online chat systems, instant messages for fast response and easy and rapid solution for your problem or search.
Asynchronous training – It provides you to go through CD, DVD, internet based material and notes by instructors. It took you to reference links of your search and problem to work according to it, but not provide direct links to your instructor. You can...

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...nderstand the technology and methods of E- Learning to provide good learning materials for learners. They should be available for clearing the doubts and solving problems of a learner’s time to time, which can help them to gain more experience and trust of student in instructor. Face to face video conferencing will also improve relations of teacher and student. The instructor should learn and perform good communication skills also to help its learners as learners amount will increase and they belong to different atmospheres and environment so it is very important for instructors to keep notice of this.
Thus E- learning provides motivation and improves the efficiency of both learning and teaching. It also helps in personality development and increase social skills. It provides a storehouse of learning material which can be reviewed at any time and place.
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