Reflecting on an E-learning Staff Training Event that I Witnessed for Six Years as a Participant

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The primary focus of this paper is to reflect on an E-learning staff development training event that I observed for the last six years as a participant. The E-learning training utilized the same method and the same material during this time. The staff development training is an annual requirement for teachers to complete before the beginning of each school year. This training was mandatory and supported the concept of safe schools. The objective of the training was highlighted, which is to ensure each teacher successful complete the training to support state laws and requirements for the safety of students in public schools.

This training is used to substitute for classroom training on those subjects that teachers might encounter during the school year such as biological spills, bullying, intruder alerts, and reporting child abuse just to name a few. Teachers completed to this training online in their own time and at their own pace prior to the start of the school districts professional staff development week. The teachers that complete this training before returning to work were given an additional day off as a motivational reward for getting the training done before they attend the districts professional development training.

Professional Development Reflection

It is important that teacher in a high school environment have the necessary skill and knowledge to lead students in the classroom and handle emergencies as they arise. Teachers are trusted with one of America’s most valuable resources, its students. When participating in online training for professional development motivation was not existent. Motivation is required from the individual for the training to be effective. Reflecting back ...

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