How E-Learning Affects our Society

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Nowadays, the advancing science and technology in the twenty-first century are bringing many benefits to the community, especially through the internet. In the field of E-learning, the internet is very handy. Many people prefer to study at home; the e-learning program allows students to study themselves anywhere in the country to obtain a tertiary education and get an online degree. E-learning will become a trend in the future. Although many people believe that e-learning brings many negative effects to the society, there are actually many positive effects of e-learning.

Firstly, E-learning can help to develop knowledge of the internet and computer skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers. Students will learn by using the computer; they need to know how to use one—how to open an account, how to sign in on a website. Besides that, they also need to know how to prevent viruses. It is very difficult for who do not use a computer on a frequent basis in order to improve their knowledge of the internet and computing skills. Moreover, E-learning is more convenient way of learning for a student. They will learn many new things from the internet. They will be able to follow up on the trend from the best through the Internet. E-learning is a new style for teenagers to study in this new generation. Haythornthwaite also comments on this, saying that “compared with the traditional, face-to-face classroom learning that centers on instructors dictating content and pedagogy, e-learning is a more learner-friendly alternative, also allowing the role of a teacher to be quite different in an e-learning environment.” (2008)

E-learning is a more effective and convenient way for teaching and learning. Teachers and students wi...

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... Friedrich, “e-Learning modules can be easily revised. Activities can be easily added and incorporated. The e-Learning software can also be automatically updated by connecting to the server.”(2009). Besides that, students do not have to carry heavy school bags. So that, students will have a health body shape.

E-learning has many benefits in our country. Students can gain more knowledge in the internet and improve their computing skills. Completing our course online we are already many steps closer to success. Students will have excellent knowledge on Internet research; able being an independent person. E-learning will provided a convenient learning to students and help to promotes environmental friendliness. E-learning has a great influence in our culture; students should manage themselves properly so that e-learning can bring many positive effects to our society.
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