Digital World Essays

  • The Digital World

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    Digital technologies and their applications allow developing different information processing systems that create a new environment called a “Digital World”(Report. Committee on Science and Technology, 2011). Digital world is global and interconnected. As a teacher in this world, incorporating digital tools like computer, ipad, Internet access, data storage, electronic white board and other Web 2.0 tools in my pedagogy will enable me to connect and collaborate globally, provide me huge possibilities

  • Privacy in a Digital World

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    Privacy in a Digital World The history of privacy in the United States is a storied one. The context of the 4 th Amendment to the Constitution has been debated for years to determine if the “right to privacy” is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Additionally, many people are technologically ignorant of what behaviors and activities will put them at risk. The “Carnivore” is a good example of an historic digital technology that generated privacy concerns. The Carnivore was a digital intelligence

  • The Major Catalysts in the Formation of the Internet and Digital World

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    The Major Catalysts in the Formation of the Internet and Digital World Introduction There exisits two schools of thought concerning which components have been the major catalysts in the forming of the internet and digital world as we know it today. Both entertain stimulating and valid arguments. Manovich stipulates that the visual format of the internet is purely based on the visual reasoning that erupted out of the late nineteenth century as a result of constructivist principles and the

  • Digital World: Social Media

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    As time flies, the world was changed. It is quite common to see people walking and talking on the cell phones all of world. But it was impossible over the last two to three decades. People can get the information about buses from the electronic bus-stop boards in major cities. They also can book Amtrak and airplanes’ tickets online. This is a new world. In other words, this word is called “Digital world”. A lot of people contact their friends via some social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, QQ

  • The Roots of Our Digital World

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    The Roots of Our Digital World Today's world revolves around the storing, organization, and communication of information. While the world today may seem new and unique, this digital world arose out of a combination of many smaller steps that varied from innovations like a new discovery in science or a new philosophical outlook. In their writings Lev Manovich, a professor of New Media at San Diego University, and Dr. Simon Cook, an Economics professor at Duke University, have developed of a history

  • Digital Divide in the US and Around the World

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    Digital Divide in the US and Around the World Since the launch of the Internet as a global communication network and the boom in communication technologies, our world has been overwhelmed by a new phenomenon – digital divide. It has gradually turned into a major, constantly growing world issue, threatening to further increase the gap between advanced and developing countries. Yet, is digital divide really an unprecedented occurrence or a natural and unavoidable trend? “Divide” is certainly a

  • Information Security in the Context of Digital Divide in Arab World

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    3- The Multifaceted "Digital Divide" A digital divide is an economic inequality between groups, broadly construed, in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT). The divide within countries can refer to inequalities between individuals, households, businesses, and geographic areas at different socioeconomic and other demographic levels, while the divide between countries is referred to as the global digital divide, which designates nations as the

  • The Importance Of Beauty In The Digital World

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    Digital world is the while sector of technology that has been developed so far since the late 1950’s, when the digital revolution started, to this moment. It is a vast subject that covers digital devices, data, media, technical devices all of which facilitate people in various ways. The types of digital devices vary from cameras and mobile phones to complicated computer matrices. However it is not just limited to facts or data, entertainment through means of different apps or gaming gadgets is also

  • Technology

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    At this very moment, digital technology is connecting millions of people to the things they love, but what about tomorrow? Although the things that make us human have not changed, the ways that we connect with one another has. With digital technology, we are building a smarter future, where clever innovations will change the way we live, work, and play for the better. Life has and will become even easier and give us more time to focus on the things that are important to us. We will continue to work

  • Analysis of Pretty Boy Crossover and Flowers of Edo

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    decide to do what's moral, despite society's strong influence and pressure. "Pretty Boy Crossover," is about confused and rebellious future teenagers ,like Bobby, who literally go digital instead of getting things like piercing or tattoos. Bobby is one of the people that can't accept reality, so he chooses to go digital. His society has adopted the fact that once your 18, there is no longer a reason for you to live. From that age on, everything about you, whether it be physical or mental, begins to

  • Speech Recognition Software

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    speech recognition software technology. Speech recognition is a revolutionary technology in software development that will change the way we interact with our digital world. Speech recognition has been created and researched for many valid reasons. The main purpose of the technology is a way for humans to interact with computers and other digital devices by simply speaking. They can not only tell the computer commands, but they can speak normally while the computer converts the speech into text. This

  • Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing

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    Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing People come from many different environments which brings or doesn’t bring many different opportunities. These two essays highlight the multicultural, multiethnic, multiclass salad bowl that this world and this country possess. The first essay discusses the social demographics in the college classroom. The second essay is from a person who was not able to attend college, probably because of the lack of opportunity to do so. When I read these two essays

  • Digital Technology is Changing the Published World

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    today, the existence of the digital world is slowly changing published books into digital forms (electronic books). An electronic book is a book publication that exists in the internet and is easily accessible on a CD-ROM. Advanced technology has led to discovery of user-friendly electronic appliances that make accessibility of digital books much easier than before. This essay provides a lucid discussion on the future of printed books in the fast evolving digital world using two reliable researches

  • Lost in Digital World: A Trolley Misadventure

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    immerse in my digital world until twenty minutes later when my eyes was a little bit sore; I looked around and outside the window. Surprisingly, nobody but me was still in the trolley and I noticed that the street somehow looked unfamiliar to me. Although my instinct didn’t feel right, I did not give up keeping my eyes on the screen, surfing facebook and reading news on the internet. Finally, when I saw a trolley route 34 approaching from the opposite side, I

  • The Advantages Of Access To Digital Technology In The Classroom?

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    modern day classroom has had to evolve with the times. The curriculum demands that schools should be integrating technology, especially digital technologies, into their lessons in as seamless a fashion as possible. However, does the prevalence of digital

  • Visual Rhetoric In Today's Digital World

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    Visual rhetoric can be very powerful in today’s digital world. It is seen in advertisement persuading people to buy goods and services. It is seen urging the public to right wrongs in society. It is even seen bringing to light issues society may not be aware of. Crisis Relief Singapore is an organization located in Singapore to help soften the blow of war and natural disasters. In their advertisement, they urge people that, “Liking isn’t helping”, with a woman who is holding her seemingly dying child

  • The Digital World of Video Games and Violence

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    One may ask, why today’s generation is so violent? Some believe and factor in the influence of video games. The digital world of video games display brutality. It is evident, that there are very few nonviolent video games. Video games incorporate violence, sexual actions and misconduct, theft, murder, stereotypes, drug and alcohol abuse and profanity. Children learn through observations and experiences. Therefore, video games teach children these extremely inappropriate behaviors. Many parents, experts

  • Digital Native Americans

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    who are technologically savvy and those who are not. Van Dijk coined the term Digital Divide to describe the divide between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. The Digital Divide has a duality in which both solutions and problems are created depending upon what side of the divide you belong on. Digital Immigrants are individuals who live by traditional values that were influential before the Internet Age, while Digital Natives are individuals who live by modern values that are influenced by the

  • The Benefits Of Digital Photography

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    "Digital photography has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for photographers" (George. C., 2006). Digital photography can overcome some of the problems in some fields for example; arts field, education field, trade field, economic field, medicine field etc... It can produce better images with colors in arts field, also we can use digital photography in the schools, and colleges etc in education field and it can increase employment for many countries in trade field. So, digital photography

  • Digital Storytelling

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    text and still graphics, for example Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling applies to using new digital tools to help ordinary people to tell their own real-life stories. Digital Storytelling is narrative entertainment that signals, the web, DVDs, and so on Interactivity. The elements of digital story telling is Medias, Action ,Relationship, Context, Communication but some one think Digital story telling is nonlinear storytelling. Elements of Digital Storytelling. Media Formation, it