Digital Technology is Changing the Published World

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A book is a published composition having illustrated and printed sheets made of ink or paper parchments hinged at one side. Despite the fact that there are thousands of books being published today, the existence of the digital world is slowly changing published books into digital forms (electronic books). An electronic book is a book publication that exists in the internet and is easily accessible on a CD-ROM. Advanced technology has led to discovery of user-friendly electronic appliances that make accessibility of digital books much easier than before. This essay provides a lucid discussion on the future of printed books in the fast evolving digital world using two reliable researches performed by professional researchers. Thompson asserts that despite the increasing technological advancement in the academic cycle, printed books will never become obsolete, but will always remain in use[1]. This is because of several advantages that most readers get from printed books over digital books. It is important for readers to note that e-books will never replace printed books due to better quality format, as well as, experience. Printed books allow readers to read in the old fashion manner, give a book as a present to a person, and display books as artwork in the house. All these kinds of experiences are unavailable in digital books. A person using an e-book only buys the right to access the information in the book, but not alter or write anything in it. However, with printed books, one can do whatever pleases him or her. A printed book may serve as a trophy or accomplishment display. One can write on it or give it to a friend. Thomson, in his research, states that books can act as introduction of one’s personali... ... middle of paper ... ... has become outdated in many regions of the world. Advanced technology allows people to make purchases online and get the books delivered to their doorsteps. Research conducted on the distribution of Steve Job’s biography book by Walter Isaacson, serves as a typical explanation of the idea. Over 5,000 Americans made their purchases through the online means and got the book delivered at their doorsteps. Nonetheless, some researchers still hold on to the idea that printed books will soon become archaic with the daily increase in technology. However, printed books have specific experiences and advantages that will always be appealing to readers even with advanced technology. Besides, technology will always improve the quality of printed books in many ways. Therefore, printed books will definitely exist in the market with advanced technology in the future.
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