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At this very moment, digital technology is connecting millions of people to the things they love, but what about tomorrow? Although the things that make us human have not changed, the ways that we connect with one another has. With digital technology, we are building a smarter future, where clever innovations will change the way we live, work, and play for the better. Life has and will become even easier and give us more time to focus on the things that are important to us. We will continue to work faster, making smarter decisions that concentrate on the big picture. We are making our cities progressively more intelligent, clean, safe, and more responsive to the here and now. The exponential growth of digital technology will profoundly reshape all of human civilization. Our world is sufficiently more advanced than it was ten years ago, and as computing power doubles every eighteen months, these computers will inevitably become smarter than the human race. Without technology and innovation our society will not survive, however, some worry that the unpredictable nature of this future technology could have adverse affects on the human race. Will they be dangerous and eventually take over our world; or will they be eager to help solve problems that have forever plagued society, such as crime, violence, wars, and health issues.

Humans are at the brink of a new digital paradigm, where physical and digital worlds are converging. Right now, smart-phone and its “apps” are speeding up the convergence of the physical and the digital worlds. Smart-phones are packed with sensors, measuring everything from the user's location to the ambient light. Much of that information is then pumped back into the network. Apps, for their part, are miniatu...

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...ers each year, by 2030, these silicon creations could become efficient enough to manufacture their own new models, adding more intelligence into each generation and shortening the timeframe between them.

Our computer wonders could then keep on developing until they reach higher-than-human levels of intelligence, a phase predicted to happen between 2035 and 2045. This event will also speed other technology developments. In fact, the future could advance faster than our 2014 brains can understand. This defines the 'Singularity,' a point in time when technologies evolve faster than we can comprehend.

We cannot predict the consequences the new frontier of digital technology will have on humankind; we can only speculate what this technology can bring. At this point in time, technology has only given us positive hope for our civilization as we progress into out future.
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