Digital World: Social Media

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As time flies, the world was changed. It is quite common to see people walking and talking on the cell phones all of world. But it was impossible over the last two to three decades. People can get the information about buses from the electronic bus-stop boards in major cities. They also can book Amtrak and airplanes’ tickets online. This is a new world. In other words, this word is called “Digital world”. A lot of people contact their friends via some social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, QQ and LINE. In fact, a lot of social apps’ users are teenager and young people. Sometimes those teenager and young people, who were born after 1980 (Digital world) and had long access to tech, digital and Internet, are called “Digital Native”. Some people thought that the digital world was bad thing. Another believed that the digital things made life easier than before. In my opinion, I am a digital native and I like the new world-the digital world because this world helps me get the easier life. I also believe that the digital world is better than before.
The world, literally, a lot of peop...
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